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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

There should have never been a ship called an Oil Tanker 04 05 2016

There should have never been a ship called an Oil Tanker 04 05 2016

Also oil and chemicals should never be allowed to be transferred by rail that runs adjacent and parallel to Lakes or Rivers!

We could have indeed solved this problem over 4 decades ago if we had men in the Presidency of the United States and not Jug Heads.

Also our Sewer Systems are greatly outdated!

The Eighteenth Amendment was there to prevent Jug Heads from being born and attaining political power in the United States.  The 21st Amendment that repealed it was illegal because it did not fit the requirement of being true with regard to the intent and purpose of the Constitution as an Amendment is required to be.  FDR secured the rights to foreign hard alcohol, through his son,  in conjunction with repealing Prohibition.  That means it isn't a valid amendment.

The FBI failed to enforce both Prohibition and Drug Enforcement.

A Police Office shot an undercover cop the other day in the News.  There should have never been undercover cops!  I believe that any Police Officer who shoots an Undercover Cop should go Scott Free!  Why?  So you have an undercover agent using narcotics and making friends with low life's?  Someone like that is never going to be honest! Empirically he Undercover Agent is failed concept!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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