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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Us Westerners didn't know who Pete Townsend was talking about when he sang "Pictures of Lily" 04 21 2016

Us Westerners didn't know who Pete Townsend was talking about when he sang "Pictures of Lily"  04 21 2016

"Lily" is an English word for sissy boy isn't it!

See it is listed right there!  =>

He was telling us all along!  We always thought he was talking about a hot Penthouse type woman!

And then he was later caught with child pornography and is a gay boy!

I sure would have ditched that friend who was high on Pete Townsend quicker had I had known that!

And how many young boys like to consider themselves to be that rebel kid from Quadraphenia who drives off the cliffs of Dover? on a moped?  How many young folk, young men artist type students rapidly identify with that and dress like that?

Quadraphenia?  The idea of a band really being four persons in one!  Can't stand that gay British communist party influence in the United States and never could!

So you don't have your own mind?  Here is what you do you spoiled little 5417, you sit down and quietly read books until you develop your own mind you retard.  What do you think we paid for your education for?  So you could parade around everywhere like some Lily that has someone else's mind and won't give it back!

I ought to make a T Shirt with a picture of a Lily on it with the caption "No Lilly's" on it!

As much as you want to and need to believe it, I am not to be publicly owned, EVER!  My human mind isn't community property!  As much as the mentally defective covet it, my mind doesn't belong to you!  I will devote my entire life to freeing myself and other human beings from your horrific and crime against humanity felony level enslavement and genocide!  You're bad!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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