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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How many Catholic Priests are Guilty of Murder 10 27 2015

Subtitled: Every time I drank alcohol I got a headache like I was poisoned 10 27 2015

Why did I do it?  Out of comradery meaning my pier group was doing it and it was fun.  But you don't need to drink to have fun at an activity.  What you realize is that you are more of a man when you can have fun at an activity without drinking!  And when you do it feels normal and natural.  Also you enjoy that activity more and your memory of it is better.

So what conclusion have I come to?

The friends whom I drank with did not finish college.  One was dyslexic and another didn't go because he wasn't smart enough.

I will assert this right now!  "If you don't get a headache like you were poisoned from drinking alcohol you are not normal!"

So who doesn't get a headache?  Those born with a mental defect already!  They don't get a headache because their is no viable grey matter of their own to be damaged!  Get it?

That makes it the sickest thing ever!  Those born mentally defective have an immunity to alcohol poisoning!

Now Hitler killed a great many Jews.  Germany is and was an alcohol drinking nation.  And some of those Jews have a gene that is said to make them sick when they drink alcohol.  I will assert that anyone who gets sick from drinking alcohol is the normal human race!  Everything else is lesser.

I have no real found memories of drinking alcohol.  What I remember is the feeling of being poisoned.  And some times worse than others.  Can an evil bartender spike your drink?  I assert that they do!

So Catholic Priests faced 8000 accusations of sexual victimization of children in the Milwaukee Archdiocese alone.  (Arch of evil?) 

So the question becomes that is criminal behavior!  I will assert that criminal behavior stems from a criminal mind and that mind is therefore mentally defective!  So the question becomes what else are they guilty of?  How many Catholic Priests are guilty of murder?

Now I went to Church after I stopped taking psychiatric drugs and as the Priest a Father Lightener was moving chairs around he muttered under his breath so that I could hear it, "I am going to have to kill someone!"   He is a big man.


Okay so you go to a gun store and ask to see a gun.  How do they hand it to you?  They lay it on the counter pointing straight at you!  In effect they just broke the first rule of gun safety; to assume it is loaded and therefore never point it at anyone.

But why do they point it at you?  Because of liability!  What if that Gun salesman they trained pointed it at himself and for some reason he was drinking the night before and in a stupor there were bullets in it?  1. Well that store would lose an employee.  2. They would be held liable for the employees death.  3.  Their license might end up being revoked?

But as I was thinking about this....  Ever see a magician perform slight of hand right in front of you?  Maybe you were at a speakeasy type bar you need a password to get into in Downtown Milwaukee.  How does that magician fool you?  He is creating a mental distraction with his swine pitched voice as you are watching.  So in theory an evil person like that could slip a cartridge into a gun and you get shot if you are the gun salesman and that is why they hand it to you that way?  By the way that rise in pitch or use of voice such as iambic pentameter (?) reminds me a lot of a man I worked for in the Investment Business.  In fact the most popular television commentator has that same rising and falling pitch in his voice.  "Pent" a devil like prefix?

But why else do they point it at you?  Because it is a sales tactic!  Anything that distracts your common sense thinking like that is a sales tactic!


So they serve alcohol at every mass.  It is the leading cause of the birth defect of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  But how does this tie together?  The majority of Catholic Priests would appear to have a vocal defect!  Either the swine rising and falling in pitch.  The hollow chamber cretin like dull voice.  Or the iambic pentameter.  And that is just the men I have not got to the women but usually it is a very dry squealing sound you here.

So if they are accused of 8,000 cases of sexual victimization of children what the odds that some also committed murder?   Did they do it outright with a lead pipe in an alley or a pillow over the muzzle of a handgun?

What about that odd voice?  How many of us put on psychiatric drugs are done so because we hear odd voices?

So if a bad person wanted to murder people so that he never got caught how would he do so?  He would set up his own hospital wouldn't he!  And in order for him to condition people to take the drugs he wanted them to he would give them something in their mouth at every mass so that they got used to accepting something from him?  Communion?  Reads like communism to me.  What do they have in common?  None of them have their own cognition!  So a person becomes conditioned to take something in their mouth by religion and that makes them more amenable to psychiatry?  And how many people die from being prescribed psychotropic drugs every year?  The estimate is 42,000!  So there it is!  Those hospitals were Catholic denominated before the Corporation got into it and renamed them after other Gods like Aurora.

Now thanks to our Republican Party $120 billion will be cut from them!  Amen, sayeth a believer in what should be a good image of Christ?  No what do I really believe in?  Being a Son of Man versus a son of a sin of the flesh?

How else would they commit murder?  They might spike your drink at a restaurant?

They might see to it that your child is pushed on drugs?  Something else you should put in your mouth!  So the priest lectures on taking the sacrament in your mouth and the next day at school the rich English sh1t kid tries to give you drugs?

They might see to it that you never get a job again in your life and your wife and children leave you!  You become homeless and die of exposure.

Have the been participant in pulling strings in falsifying medical research related to psychiatry?

Don't know why I wrote this.  But I did.  Maybe there is someone out there who appreciates this.

But how do your friends know when you a normal human being have had enough alcohol while you are in college or high school?  Perhaps it is like how the evil lobotomize knows when to stop stirring your brain with a metal rod; you can no longer talk or think?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 10 25 2015 at:

Does alcohol really create comradery?  No!  It gives those who are mentally defective the opportunity to tease you with what they feel is impunity.  However what happens is that when you tease them back they can't take it!  It is called a "wowser."  And that escalates to violence? It is usually the wowsers fault!  He escalates it as a matter of leveling mechanism.  When the reality is that he can never level himself to the level of a normal human being.  So he takes it too far and in your defense he gets hurt rather than you getting hurt again?  Got a put a limit on some things right?  If you don't you end up as cemetery money for both the Church and Uncle Sam!

Now a woman told me that she partied in Chicago with Catholic Priests and every single one of them was homosexual-ling around!  New scientific evidence correlates it to a defective gene that regulates serotonin.

 How many drug dealers get mad at human beings because they won't take their drugs?  I'll give you a clue.  A German boy in High School put a gun to his own head when he couldn't get some of us hooked on drugs.

Someone very touchy objected to my saying that Bruce Jenner wasn't normal.  They wanted me to define what normal is in my defense?  I would venture a guess that person would be extremely hesitant to define absolutely anyone or anything as not being normal.  One could start to define normal as those who are closer to the "mean" ="Average" in all characteristics.  So there you have it!  That same person would say that is perfection or narcissism?  The painful reality they react to with assertive delusion is that they are not normal!  And the more spoiled they are the less willing to admit it!  And you have to spoil someone who isn't normal in order to make them happy!  Heck give them their own podium to lecture from every 'given' Sunday! 


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