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Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Satanic Village Drug Empire near you 06 28 2015

A Satanic Village Drug Empire near you 06 28 2015

Your son is underage and at a drinking party.  The person putting on the party also sells dope.

When you leave the party (a friend who would go on in life to become a psychologist) tackles you in the street.  A police car has been waiting down the block and the sirens start to blare.  The four of you are taken to the police.

The person putting on the party is cited with one count of selling beer to a minor and the fine is $360.oo

He harassing everyone that was busted for them to pay for the fine.  He even physically threatens them.

Now you don't have the money so he tells you of a way you could make some by selling drugs for him?

That is something that has no place in the United States!

You are afraid of the police but you are more afraid of that psycho kid!  As much as they want you to believe you can trust them you know from walking to school everyday that they police can never protect you from a kid like that!  And you are scared!

And isn't it very funny?  The police will be there every single time accept the time that you need them!

What is my point?  I believe that drug dealers should receive the death penalty no matter how old that they are!  That is my belief system!  I have a right to express it!


So perhaps you don't buy or take the drugs from him.  But however the lure of happiness is there because your son might indeed be depressed from the experience. 

Full disclosure; I have never been a drug user.  But Alcohol is bad enough and I had my time with it!  I cannot tell you how much better all of our lives would be if we were living under Prohibition and filth like that was executed!  Gone!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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