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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Has there even been one Art Fair at the New Mecca Convention Center 06 23 2015

Has there even been one Art Fair at the New Mecca Convention Center 06 23 2015

What artist wants to take their paintings outside in a tent and have them potentially ruined in the rain?

Ideally to display art in Milwaukee it should be free for the artist for the allocated space.  That promotes art and culture!

And indeed you drive right in underneath and never have to worry about your paintings being ruined.

So what ever goes on at that new convention center?  I have never been there once!

Whatever went on in there only lead to more drug proliferation and a worse Milwaukee.

But you could have an art fair there every month so that everyone got a chance.

But not only that you could have things related to what Milwaukee and Wisconsin is all about!  Instead of Tea Party Machinations!

That new center effectively stifled the growth of Milwaukee.

Whatever goes on their should therefore now be free to the participants!  And parking in Milwaukee should be free on those days.  Now that spurs the kind of economic development Wisconsin is about!

An art fair out in tents by the Milwaukee Art Museum?  It is like here is the Art that we make a market in and want to raise the prices of and here is the stuff outside that we don't mind getting ruined.

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