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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Is the third terminal on a cell phone battery used to remotely activate it as an eavesdropping device 06 13 2015

Is the third terminal on a cell phone battery used to remotely activate it as an eavesdropping device 06 13 2015

A DC battery terminal only needs two terminals.  Even a more dangerous power drill battery only has two terminals; positive and negative.

They might attempt to tell you that it is there in order to monitor the batteries condition?  Your car battery only has two terminals and your cars computer system has no problem monitoring it at all.

What am I getting at?  That 3rd terminal on a cell phone is likely a second positive; remotely activated by an incoming "call" or "report to"  To be used as an eavesdropping device it would need a separate circuit that could be activated remotely whereby non of the lights or screen on your phone came on!

A lithium ion battery holds a charge far longer than a cell phone that is turned off with the battery in it does.

Battery terminals located close together leads to "current bleeding" between them and rapid discharge and less battery life.  So indeed it also could be a scheme to sell more batteries and newer models of cell phones.  It is terrible for the groundwater.  Many of those landfill liners do leak! (Is that how radium contaminated Waukesha groundwater?  If so don't say too much about it because that industry is connected to organize crime!  In order to hide bodies of people they just don't like; about the same way a woman has a temper that should classify her as being mentally retarded.

A battery is only charged via two terminals.

Therefore the reason all three of those terminals are located together is because a separate battery circuit would be needed so that they can listen in without activating phone functions the user would notice?

Can they remotely activate one and cause it to overheat and cause a fire or explode?

I usually take my cell phone battery out of it when not in use.  However that causes current bleed when it shouldn't be designed that way.

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