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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Transference Victimization updated

Transference Victimization

A Person who isn't strong enough to confront their victimizer becomes their own worst enemy by victimizing those; where they can get away with it.

It is because they cannot accept their own weakness.  Hence they identify with that which was much weaker and defective.

To them to be the victimizer means to win in life!  They become that bad father!  In triumph!

The only way you stop it is with capital punishment for the mentally defective and a drug free America so that none are created.

Their own father wasn't capable of loving them so they sought to force themselves on another 'chosen' father figure.  In effect that is the start of the delusion right there.  Denying that your father was a bad person!

So what propagates this illegitimacy?  The Fatherless of the Pro-Life Movement.

The only way that the mentally defective can cope with being a victim is by victimizing someone else.  That makes for the weakest men possible!  And perhaps it starts with the will of a spoiled woman divorcing a strong minded man because she is insanely jealous of him?

They end up in their own transgendered mental world of "you and me" when there is no "you and me."

To borrow quotes from the Bible.

"They will spend their entire lives attempting to transform themselves into him."


After immediately after they successfully killed a legitimate Jew, "We will live the life he led for us."

Those two quotes mean about the same thing.

It is idolatry forming psychotic identity whereby the object of idolatry eventually becomes in danger from a challenge.  That is indeed why someone who hears voices is as high as 13 times more likely to be a victim of violence than a perpetrator of it!  And that is indeed who should be armed; the entire world over.

What they hate isn't you, but  rather their personal state of being and the inescapable reality of being without ever becoming.

If something a writer wrote makes you sad; that is a sign of an excellent literary work. For it means that you learned something about human beings that you didn't know before.  And one reads in order to learn.

"What you wrote was so disturbing and true that it made me sad and angry with myself, so much so that I needed to take something for it, but instead I devised a way that you should take something."  That is Transference Victimization.

That collective nationality is a threat to the United States and therefore world freedom and stability.

"She" needs to believe in the weakness of men and would go to great contrived lengths to prove it.  Why because "she" is being that can never become.

Being that can never become knows "What is" and seeks to prevent it from ever being generally known to the public.

Wishful thinking that someone else needs a guised narcotic!

So what is the countermeasure to those who are in a state of being but can never become?

Sit back let a smile form on your face, take a deep breath and think "I think therefore I am."  (~Rene Descartes)

Thomas Paul Murphy

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