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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Justification for the African Enslavement 06 13 2015

The English knew what God's really were. They recognized it when they were conquering Africa with this paraphrased tell. "They already know who Gods are, they talk to ones they call N-Zombie (sp?) and N-Cunta. (Sp?)" Perhaps that was the greatest human rights violation form of justification for both enslaving those Africans as well as the Revolutionary War!

But what really happened there?  First you had a population of blacks violating the human rights of two blacks.  Second then a population of whites the exact same as them enslaved them and did the exact same thing to them!  The first got what was coming to them?  Can they ever be anything greater?  But what about the second?  The second has never got what is coming to them have they!

A race of people who would victimize a few in that manner had it coming didn't they.  Look at what it represents?  It represents a great threat to freedom worldwide doesn't it!

So what made them so mean that they would talk to a few named N-Zombie and N-Cunta?  Their mothers fed them marijuana in order to calm them down.  Which really means induce a permanent state of mental retardation!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Let me be very clear. I will never grow women's breasts again, be beset with kidney stones or prostate calcifications. Or made into a walking brain dead zombie.

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