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Monday, June 22, 2015

Should Head Butting the Ball be Banned in Soccer 06 22 2015

Should Head Butting the Ball be Banned in Soccer 06 22 2015  (mostly a draft article.)

Who needs to learn that?  Who needs to risk the potential for mental retardation while learning how to do that better?

Who wants to get hit in the head in conjunction with just have a toxin deactivated flue virus injected in them?

Does it get its origin from Italy.  Italy meaning land of the Bulls?  The metaphor being bull headed?  That would be an unfair advantage to the rest of the world wouldn't it?  Should it have ever been a sport in the U.S.  A son of man gets hit in the head it makes a difference.  A bull headed person who doesn't even have their own cognition gets hit in the head and there is no difference.

They are known to choke each other to black out, etc.  So the relevance here is that it is a sport that originated from the mentally retarded.  And I do indeed equate the criminal mind to mental retardation.  And they are the seat of organized crime in the United States.

I can remember the coach of our Catholic School Soccer team, one of his daughters had mental retardation.  I always attributed it to wine drinking.  But the way things are phased in to be what they are in this country bothers me.

One could say that boxing should go to for the same reason?  A man knows what he is getting into with boxing.  And the lower grades wear the protective helmets.  And it does indeed teach a person not only self defense but how a person might indeed attack you.

I don't believe that children need to be subjected to that learning curve of head butting a soccer ball.  I believe it does indeed cause micro strokes.  However I do remember head butting that ball the right way one time and feeling exhilarated from it.  Don't remember if I got a headache the next day or not.

So a kid head butts that soccer ball and then what game does he want to play?  Head butt everyone else.  So we got this from the Catholic Faith and its competitive sports initiative?  It was all done to establish what will always be a criminal betting network; in the United States.  It will always be criminal!

I can visualize that little 5417 approaching another child and saying "I'm not going to do anything.  I'm not going to do anything."  and then head butting him.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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