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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Invalid 20 Week Abortion Ban Argument 06 15 2015

The Invalid 20 week Abortion Ban Argument 06 15 2015

A. The argument used to ban abortions after 20 weeks was that the Fetus feels pain.

  1. Does a Fetus feel pain as it comes through the womb and is born? It is very compressed isn't it? So indeed at that 9 month stage that would be painful! To be slowly squeezed out of a constricting vagina? HOW MANY PEOPLE REMEMBER THE PAIN OF THEMSELVES BEING BORN! NONE! It had to have hurt per the same reason as was used in “A” above! Yet not a single one of us Human Beings remembers that! Do you ever hear Scott Walker talking about how much pain he felt from being squeezed out of his mothers constricting vagina? No you will never hear that; because as painful as we are, in effect, told that is by Scott Walker, we have no memory of that pain! (To me he looks like one of those people who lives a life of pain from the inability to think clearly. Ditto for the entirety of what is labeled the Supreme Court.)

  1. Capital punishment is legal even though those who experience it feel pain! If not indeed emotional pain before a quick death, albeit painful. The most painful death would be to slowly die via narcotic injection; in my opinion. The point is that the rational has already been made from the source responsible as to that persons fate! And it is also the mothers decision!
  2. Are there ways to kill a fetus so that it doesn't feel pain?

(The people who write these laws are either on drugs or were born mentally defective because of drugs.)

  1. Wouldn't it be far more painful to be slowly deformed in a woman's womb because she is drinking wine every Sunday or smoking cigarettes? Being slowly mentally deformed in the womb would have to be the most horrific experience a fetus could ever undergo! And couldn't it happen because a mother is easing specialty chemical laden food too? What about even what we are told is benign high fructose corn syrup that plays a part in causing diabetes? (A great petition to start would be the loss of tax exemption because a food contains one of 8 ingredients known to be harmful to human health! And what happens when that tv dinner mother who is making 6 figures a year can't even learn how to cook for her own children?) So they want to make the argument that it increases the national population and keeps us in check with foreign countries? Nothing contributes more to communism and detracts more from freedom than children like that! The FBI stated that Russian Putin has Asperger's! Just to punctuate that point.
  1. Another way to phrase the argument is that it is far more painful for a fetus to be squeezed out of a constricting vagina; so indeed it should never be born.
  2. Ever look at a bad, mean kid and say to yourself, how painful it is for the parents to raise that kid? Which brings up the next point. Why do they want children in the adoption network anyhow? They want to be as mean as humanely possible to them so that those children have absolutely no conscience with regard to where their money comes from. Essentially that is a griffin!
  3. But here is likely the argument that women should find most appealing. How much pain will a mother experience from the physical act of giving birth to a child. Now double that pain with the emotional pain that the conception was from rape! No man, I repeat, No MAN, would ever write or approve a law like that ban above!
  4. What about the mothers pain of giving birth to an enlarged 9 month full term baby? What a horror this political faction is! It is like the walked right out of a Hollywood Horror movie! All pale sagging waxed face skin! Shaking ugly face at us and telling us "No! No!" The point being they absolutely think nothing of a woman's pain! No Consideration whatsoever!
  5. Compare the pain the mother actually feels and will remember to that we are told the fetus feels but will never remember. Does a fetus of a mother that accidently falls on her belly ever remember feeling the pain? No! But he might come out of their and legislate laws with regard to it from the resultant deformed attempt at logic?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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Wait a minute I just realized the real motivation for this law!!!  That bar hopping socialite filth does not want to be morally liable for a baby born from a one night bar encounter when the woman aborts it?  This is weak mans logic isn't it!  Run around town with lots of money and your pants half off and then legislate the women you seduced have to give birth to bastard sons because you yourself are a bastard and you don't want to see fellow bastards put to death!  It is one bastard legislating sympathy for another bastard.  That weak minded man doesn't want to have the responsibility on his consciousness for the babies he conceived being killed.  He wants to believe that all the women wanted to become pregnant by him?  Somehow when they first stated that even in cases of rape a woman  must keep the child their was a great outcry and the person who stated it was shamed!  However time war down on the minds of us until we are all forced to accept it as law?  That is how the spoiled brat is initially told no but then keeps at it through attrition until it gets its way!


  1. I have been banned from posting commentary on the Milwaukee Journal Website and also the Wisconsin State Journal website. The JSonline website slows to a crawl and won't work, the State Journal has tagged my Facebook login as a bad url. I am going to do everything in my power so that not another single tree is ever cut down to make paper for those businesses!

  2. We could even extend that Republican logic to show how screwy it really is! So they want to call that a person inside a woman? What happens when that baby kicks the mothers belly? So they tell us it has a human soul? What if that means the baby refuses to come out of their and has the intent on killing the mother?