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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Per Our Constitution a Search Warrant Can NEVER be issued for Arms 06 17 2015

Per Our Constitution a Search Warrant Can NEVER be issued for Arms  06 17 2015

It is fairly straight forward.

1. You have the right to keep and bear arms.
2. You have the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.

But what if someone was using a new type of "arm" that could be used to harm innocent civilians, even a foreign network of spies used it on us.  It was used unseen and technology based.  That is something entirely different!

Because it is actively being used the Police force has the duty to go in to that place with any power needed to remove it.  That is indeed a violent conflict.  It is a rather unique situation, but that is what should be done.


Those wielding such a system are not Americans!  They defy every single word that is written in the Constitution; the Supreme Law of the Land.

Can they keep their guns?  They are not compatible with human freedom, so they won't be free.  When you have a faction that doesn't believe in Freedom for everyone (everyone normal, including those who hear voices) then you can not allow such people to roam free in your

You could deport them but that could build into a threat against the U.S. just Al Queda has.  You could put them in a detention camp, however do you really want them to breed more people who do not believe in freedom?  And what happens when you can no longer feed them?  First and foremost they are not doing their fair share of the work.  It is like the Colonist named Smith told the aristocrats if you want to eat you have to work.  What we are dealing with today is far worse than that.  Not only do they not want to work, they don't want you to work!  Your human creations even the very thoughts in your free associating mind are a threat to them.  Think of it as an animal who is very in tune with what you do.  However when you sit by the fireplace and think of fiery monsters that animal becomes very frightened and experiences anxiety it never had to learn how to handle and isn't able to.  And that is indeed what is represented by that which talks to normal human beings in their head.  Can you see why it likes to screw them up?  Because they are dependent minded to a human brain they view human imagination, a key component of human reason and human conscience as a threat to them.  They loath it.

Philosophy of the day.  "Let your Conscience be your God."  And don't try to convince yourself you have a good one if you know you don't.

But what if their were English here establishing a fort with guns, at the time of that Constitutional Amendment?  Could you issue a search warrant for those?  That is about what our Declaration of Independence did.  So how do we know who is like the English here today as they were in those times of conflict?  They would indeed be preaching violations of the U.S. Constitution and your general health and welfare in every manner of the violation!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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