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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Barrack Obamas Lineage 06 23 2015

Barrack Obamas Lineage 06 23 2015

I keep searching that lineage thinking I am going to find the traitor that beat the other blacks with a bicycle chain before they were loaded on slave ships to America.

The British destroyed prison records ever six months.  What does that indicate?  One of the most genocidal influences in the history of the world.

We never hear the history of the British in Africa!  It is a missing facet of history.  Nor has your media culture made films about the British in Ireland!  Who controls the banking money controls the movie industry.  So there you go!  And that needs to be dismantled!

Here is something you are going to hate.  How were the British able to seize the guns of the Scottish so quickly?  Because they had the exact same cognition of those Scotts and therefore knew exactly where they were hiding them.  Mad like a woman's soul in a mans body!

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