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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Desire to Dominate Other Men 06 16 2015

The Desire to Dominate Other Men 06 16 2015

I have never had the desire to dominate other men.  Now a woman reads that and it sounds like a wuss to her.  But think about that a little more.

What does it say in our Declaration of Independence?  "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal."

It really means that the great people who founded this country did not have the desire to dominate other men!


I have hear Vladimyr Putin say that his country didn't believe in granting special rights to any of its people?  Communism is exactly that though!  It is viewing the man as irresponsible and therefore needing to be controlled.  It is also granting special rights to the rich.  It also grants special rights to those who have more talent or less talent?  For example if they really advanced those who had talent they would indeed be technologically superior and also not have to bother other countries because they would be self sufficient.  Hence it doesn't work does it!

Is the United States really based on Capitalism?  No!  We are based on Independence, Responsibility and self reliance.  The Capitalist concept only came about with FDR.  Until then in order to be a Corporation you needed to prove you benefited the public.


The true American doesn't have the desire to Dominate Other men.  He expects to work with the same and be Independent of that which resents man?

The Domination concept comes from projecting ones own personal security and attempting to negate it by dominating others.  The concept of limited liability is needed because without it such people would not last very long at all!  Without having a sense of domination over other males that beast of a person doesn't last long in life; they implode!  Why?  Because per the Bible they have no one that they feel they have to constantly transform themselves into.  The desire to do so is indeed indicative of hatred of self.  You don't transform into another person you develop yourself via your own normal human mind.  So what does the man who never had the desire to dominate other men do when there are men who would seek to dominate other men with the result being economic, environmental and societal collapse?  It really means something is begging to be dominated?  Begging for a father figure?  Maybe the conditions should be present whereby that just whither away like a flower that can't water itself?  We don't take your rights away we just disempower you from having rights you never should have had and would never be deserving of.  A fair playing field?  But what happens to you when you know you can't compete with men on a fair playing field?

Do you have to ask your wife who to vote for because you can't think for yourself like a man does?  What do you have to ask your wife about because you can't think about it like a man can?  The old Essene religion from the Bible was Community rule.  That is essentially ask your wife.  The Roman empire with Pontius Pilate was ask your wife.  A Monarchy that somehow always has a Queen and not a King is the desire to have women make decisions for you.

The first thing that happens when you ask your wife is that she will express great jealousy over men who have developed their own skills.

Is there a difference between a male who has second person cognition and one with homosexuality?  There is absolutely no difference!

Our Founding Fathers would not consider homosexuals men just as the Native Americans did not consider "Two Spirits" (homosexuals) men.

It is really that restless spirit of a woman in the body of a man that brings forth the desire to dominate men?  To me that is homosexuality!

I almost caught myself there, "I have never had the desire to dominate other men."  Therefore there must be something wrong with me?  No, in fact quite the opposite of that is true; that is heterosexual normality!  That is what our Declaration of Independence declared!  You might like it that it means exactly that but it does!  Nothing could ever be more normal than a man not having the desire to dominate other men.  It really means that man has a sense of personal security!

Now why we have the 2nd Amendment is to indeed protect us from those who Desire to Dominate other men.

Put all the jobs in China and then mock the American man because he doesn't have one?  That has gone far enough hasn't it!

There is fair competition and then there is domination.  A man likes to compete.  But he abhors that which seeks to dominate.  A lot of conflicts originate from the desire of one man to dominate another.  It is really the desire of ownership of other men?  I can't beat him in fair competition so I will seek to dominate him.

How many war conflicts are really based on a desire to dominate other men who are better than you?  War is therefore really a homosexual desire?  One man fixates on the ability of another man rather than develop that ability himself?

The desire to dominate is really a statement that you are inferior.  Sure their is fair competition and winning.  Does winning mean domination?  No.  Domination would be assuring that your competitor were never able to compete again.  In effect negating (destroying) the competition because it is a threat to your sense of self; which amounts to that of a homosexual- without the ability to dominate?  Without the ability to dominate it compares itself to men and implodes?

And that my friends is why some of us, whose prefrontal cortexes are better developed, hear voices!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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