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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The real cause of dementia and alzheimers 06 24 2015 Subtitle "LOOPING MAD"

Another tell is the angle of the head and where the eyes are pointed while a person is thinking. To be a human being doesn't really require that much Cassius type thought. To be a human being is more honest and quicker than a mind that has to recheck a string of lies it told itself a mile long for consistency!!! !
What happens to the person whose mind is based on premises of lies (as articulated the earlier article about the boy who crossed the street like he believes the exiled priest would) is that eventually those lies keep circling around in his mind to no fruition.  And nothing makes sense anymore.  At which point the violence of Alzheimer's sets in. 
What happens that circling around of thoughts creates dead spots in their human brain.  It is a process of De-supporting oneself.  That undisciplined person is indeed cast into h3ll before he is even dead.
The human brain is not designed to handle that looping around in a single place because the lies take it no where productive.  Hence brain cancer can result too!  Also plaque forming around where the new synapses should have been formed by essentially a spoiled brat.
In effect it reality proving to it that it has lost and cannot win.
Those lying places die because they become overused brain circuits that cannot lead anywhere.  The person is "LOOPING MAD"  It should actually be a term in Psychiatry "LOOPING MAD"
Thomas Paul Murphy
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  1. At a very young age we learn who is "LOOPING MAD" and how to avoid too much conflict with them because it would be a danger to ourselves. Should psychiatry have the diagnosis of "Looping Madness" to keep the population of legitimate human beings free from harm?