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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Blackmailing the American Public 06 20 2015

Blackmailing the American Public 06 20 2015

I buy a Professional Sports Team and THREATEN to take it from your City if the Public doesn't pay for a Brand New Facility for it? That is blackmail! Any and all participants and participant beneficiaries should be tried for Blackmail. And upon conviction placed in detention camps. Why? They would overcrowd our prison system. We might even need the United Nations to come in here and excise them from this country.

I am a wealthy famous person. I move into your neighborhood and buy a house. Immediately I threaten to leave your neighborhood if you don't tear down that house and buy me a new one. What did we ever do to deserve people like that?

It is like this, look buddy the team stays here and you leave.  You should not have paid for a team that is located in this city.  That was your bad business decision.  You leave.  We don't owe you anything and never will.

Then they want to make the argument there are only so many teams in the league. The reason being if there were widespread teams everywhere there would no longer be ANY money in it! It would just be that apathetic faced kid from high school selling you a health nut bar at the concessions stand rather than making six figures selling game tickets, etc.

What is really going on here? A construction bilking cycle. But don't worry instead of them heckling women on their way to work downtown they have figured out a way to heckle men, with voices in their heads, as there are attempting to earn a living from home. Why? Believe it or not men are the greatest threat to the heathenized male and his criminal family.

When I watch all of those professional sports teams do I say to myself, "If I could only do that?"  Gee pass me the cotton candy?  NO!  I don't think that way at all and never have in my entire life.  So the child's mind graduates from cotton candy to beer, and the beer keeps its mind in the realm of the cotton candy?

I want to build a woodshop in Milwaukee.  If you don't give me the money I will leave?  I am not going to get that public money.  And if I did what kind of inbred's would I be forced to teach as adults?  What kind of behavior problems would they have that adult aged men should never have?

I want to build an art museum to house my art.  If the public doesn't pay for it...  You get it don't you?  Nobody cares!  Only a well connected spoiled brat would believe that the public should build multimillion dollar profit centers for them.  The kind of brat that likes to talk to men in their heads and pretend that they are them?  "I want to see through the eyes of so and so?"  Your father ought to have came around quick with a hand to your mouth!

I could build electric cars if the public would only give me the money.

I believe that solar panels on all the roofs would make us energy independent and keep us from war.  No one cares!  Why?  The freedom it creates is against their personal interest as well as a threat to their false sense of self esteem and fugue cognition.  Alcohol de created them.

A man doesn't believe in taking billions of dollars of money from the public.  Why?  Because he knows it belongs to the public and not him.  A man knows that the product of another mans intellect belongs to that man and not himself; no matter what miserable lifetime cognitive state he or his wife are in in a world of men.


You have a homeless man begging for money or a job on the side of the road and not 10 feet from him there are weeds growing on public property that need to be attended to.

Then the environmentalists gripe about the spread of invasive species? What are most of those environmentalists? Wealthy beneficiaries of charities that accomplish nothing because it would be infringing upon their wealthy friends in other industries.

We can honestly look at all the charities and say, did you fulfill your goal?  No?  That money belongs to the public.  They are all about the same, recycling wealth.  But the worst are those who pretend to support people who have diseases that we already know the cause and cures for.


Beer drinking porn culture people. He has to lick her crotch before she will ever have intercourse with him. What kind of son is she going to give birth to? Someone with suicidal tendencies from very birth?


My mother tells me what weeds need to be picked in the backyard. I tell her to stick around while I do it. I say to her, “You already know why I wont remember.” I am telling her that the “synthetic” voices will distract that memory.

I buy a Professional Sports Team and THREATEN to take it from your City if the Public doesn't pay for a Brand New Facility for it? That is blackmail! Any and all participants and participant beneficiaries should be tried for Blackmail.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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Coliseum activity could indeed be classified as its own religion.  Just like the Romans liked watching lions kill men?  What is a belief system like that if not its own Satanic religion?  Our Constitution protects us from the likes of these people extorting us.

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