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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gun Control and what makes the cirminal minded 06 21 2015

Gun Control and what makes the criminal minded 06 21 2015

We see politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama wanting gun control for the criminal minded.  Did they ever stop to ponder what creates the criminal minded in the first place?

To not want to address that issue implies that one in themselves is criminal minded.

Poverty, alcohol, abuse, bad fathers and mothers make the criminal minded.  But primarily alcohol.

Lets say that I am a general infantryman fighting for my country in a War we will label 1.  An Island foreign country uses mustard gas on my country resulting in death and blindness.  I survive temporarily blind.  A psychiatrist of a certain faith uses the approach of treating me by calling me a sniveling spoiled brat.  Was his mean intent really to drive me to commit suicide?  Instead of that I went to the other extreme and responded with hatred for him.

In order to counter the nerve damage from the mustard gas an entire industry of stimulates emerges and I use them.  In fact I recommend them to everyone in my country in order to counter any residual effects from the mustard gas.

I find out that the financial industry of that country that attacked my homeland and the financial industry in my homeland are part of the same wealthy clique of people.  None of them served in the military in my homeland.  None of them were in the mustard gas battlefields.  Why not?  They considered themselves to be highly privileged.  

I respond in a manner consistent with protecting my homeland and people.  I rise to political power to take vengeance on those who used that chemical weapon on my people.  I become a hero to a great nation of people.  If indeed I have a nuclear bomb I would use it to annihilate that entire Island nation who attacked mine with chemical weapons.  But I am not done there.  In order to protect my homeland I also need to remove and dismantle the Financial structure that allowed that wealth class to dominate my people.  Can I trust a single person like that?  Have they repented?  My logic is telling me that they helped to use a chemical weapon on my people and therefore I need to eliminate them entirely.

That above person was labeled the most horrific and criminal minded person in human history.

To me that is the mind of a man?

A lot of the white supremacists today are in league with that Island nation; that would seek to financially manipulate the world?

Do I understand some White Supremacists? Let's say that I am the only white boy in a school because of poverty.  I am abused daily by black children whose intelligence verges on mental retardation.  In fact they do not have their own cognition.  Am I going to be a racist?  There is absolutely no way I am not going to grow up to be a racist.

But that above satanic archetype is not just black it is also white!  So that bad person uses racism as a shield.

Now lets say that there are people in a "Church" conducting a satanic ritual of speaking in tongues.  For some reason I start to hear voices.  Who was it their intent to speak to?  Did anyone ever consider asking that question.  You are some nervous twitching faced hag speaking in tongues, who was it her intention to be speaking to?  As I hear voices the life energy is drained from me.  My face is no longer that of a happy young man.  It has become pale and void of emotion.  Whether they are white or black in that church I am now a racist against the satanic.  What are adults supposed to be mature, doing speaking in tongues or dancing around with a snake, or a bloody chicken foot, or sticking pins in a voodoo doll.  Or devices poisons of the human mind/body for profit?

They think it is real cute that that person who they were speaking in tongues to should no longer be able to own a gun?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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