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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Registered Drug User Database 06 23 2015

Registered Drug User Database 06 23 2015

If your child were alone at home and needed help from a neighbor which one would you send him to?  The one who drinks a case of beer a wine or a case of wine a month or one that doesn't?

Anything that makes you sleepy is classified as a narcotic.  Therefore alcohol is a narcotic.  And what happens when one drinks too much alcohol?  One could indeed get alcohol psychosis.  And what is alcohol psychosis treated with?  An anti psychotic drug???  And what is an antipsychotic drug?  It is again essentially a narcotic!  So here we have the chain of one narcotic leading to the prescription and money making of another narcotic.

Wouldn't you want to know if your neighbor was a heroin user or former heroin user?  Now most mature adults would see that someone recovered from a drug addiction on the online database and have sympathy for them and be proud of them.  But a bad element of our society would continue to hold that against them even though they have recovered.  But the point is that, that database is necessary because someone wired on drugs is highly dangerous.

Would you also not want to know if a former drug dealer, no matter how old they were when they were selling drugs, moved into your neighborhood?  I would.

What is all this erase the juvenile record about?   It only led to the widespread use of drugs to the point the spoiled users are getting their way to have them legalized!

Also what good is that database unless there is a description underneath the mug shot of the person whereby they are telling you of the emotional problem that causes them to use drugs!  And if you can't identify that emotional problem or are a coward to tell of it then you have a dangerous or miserable lifetime fate from those circumstances don't you?

I will never use drugs.  And I believe in this registered drug user online database, just as I do the sexual predator database.

The database should also require that drug user to tell who gave or sold them those drugs!!!!  Now that is brave and meaningful legislation deserving of the standard of the United States.

Did a person have problems with alcohol?  Who was giving them that alcohol at the time?  Who was their dating partner at the time?  All worthy information to be required on there.  I am not the only one who thinks this way regarding friends, the Russians do to, "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

Does personal shame keep a person from using drugs?

The same people who are arguing for legalization of drugs are those who would fight you tooth and nail when you told them 40 years cigarettes were bad for them.  Where are they know?  They are stricken with emphysema and arthritis!  But the drugs are so powerful that they would be on the verge of violence if you attempted to argue with them that they were bad for them.

Can we use that database to make a responsible United States?  As in, if you want to smoke and drink than you are indeed going to hold your own as a man for what your actual health care costs will be!  Talk about holding your liquor!  Now that is the way it should be thought about!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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A black man asked me where he could find a liquor store today.  I told him in a loud voice, "I am like a Muslim I don't believe in alcohol."

Alcohol psychosis is very similar to schizophrenia if not identical.  The alcohol breaking down your human brain until those who were born mentally defective can get a piece of it?

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