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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Massive Banking Fraud 06 30 2015

Massive Banking Fraud 06 30 2015

You give your money to one bank/finance company to invest and they lose it.  Meanwhile you owe debt to another bank/finance company on your home.  The first bank lost that money for you!

They never seem to lose your debt balance!  They very easily lose your cash/investment balance but never your debt balance.  How can they be allowed to err one way in their favor and not err another way in your favor?

That system doesn't belong in the United States!

You would never pay an employee to do that; so why do they have jobs?  And jobs that make more money than anyone!

Why should you be liable and not them (self declared professionals?)

What if the par value were guarantied by the U.S. Government to always be worth what you paid for it?  We already know the taxpayer would be on the hook for massive incompetence and negligence!  We have that future liability anyway!  So why not make the impact more present and transparent?  How many Corporations would really receive limited liability status if the U.S. Government were on the hook for the initial principle?  Very few!  So it really is a vote of no Confidence in the Corporation!  Why?  We know without a doubt that the Gov. could never back that liability that would be incurred.  And yet they have granted legal status to create it to those corporations!  Now that is pure schizophrenia!  And I hear voices!  The term is medical fraud; the symptoms are indeed real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud.  Put two and two together with this article and do you see where the template of that cause fits directly on top of?  Other people always liable for money they owe you but you never liable for money you owe them.  A Native American would get it right!  "I gave you all this money and I got nothing in return for it; that means you are a criminal.  However when you loaned some to me I was out of house and home when I could not pay it back; and I had no recovery; you were not liable for it."  That is why they called them Two Faced or speaking with forked tongue!  I get those Native American symbolizations of person being a snake best as anyone does!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015

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