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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Why the Jews do Not Believe Jesus Christ Was God 06 28 2015 updated

Why the Jews do Not Believe Jesus Christ Was God 06 28 2015

In order to be worshipped by the Jews as a God you had to successfully wrestle with God!  David did.  And the name Israel means the one who successfully wrestled with God!

Jesus Christ did not successfully Wrestle with God (in this case labeled the Devil God!)  We know that in those days at a baptismal they would hold you under and make you fight to come up.  We also know that King Herod had planned to kill the last remaining heir to the Hasmonium Dynasty.  We know that he was going to do so at a baptismal.  And that is usually when a party is held?

But in veiled language the Bible tells us that Jesus Baptismal was horrific by John the Baptist.  Was Jesus also poisoned with belladonna or some other drug that disrupts the choline system of the brain?  What would make me believe that?  Women of those day's used such drugs.  So indeed that is likely what was it the Pharisees or King Herod meant when they said, "Has he come back from the dead?"  He had been poisoned to be like a zombie via a drug that destroyed choline based memory function?

But then he wandered in the dessert and was tempted by Demons.  Tempted means to essentially hear voices telling you to do something you usually would not do!

And after that he was taken up onto a mountain by what is termed the Devil.  We do not hear the details of that encounter but we know that his female disciples had to attend to him.

We also know that the Romans played a naked game called Pengali where they likely sexually molested and sodomized each other?

So Jesus was up there on the mountain and lost that fight.

Hence the Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ as God!  Because Israel is named in glorification of the one who successfully wrestled with God.

Now had Jesus Christ beat those Demons who were tempting him would the Jews have believed in him then?  And what would have happened if he successfully wrestled with God?  He would have then had to have wrestled with the lions.

So how would you like it if the strongest men of your Jewish tribe who could outwrestle a heathen were then send to fight with the lions?

Put him in a lions den.  Push the rock over the doorway?  After he was crucified?

The Romans are people that didn't like a fair fight.  Many I believe might have a genetic defect similar to Downs Syndrome.  Something about their eyes?  They might have indeed been original evictees from the Garden of Eden (Edom?)

You said you didn't like it that I said the Romans don't like a fair fight?  8,000 accusations of Priest sex abuse of children in the Milwaukee Archdiocese validates that point.

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Now, how long as MSG been used in China?  Did it happen after WWI?  Who is the main producer of it?  Can it cause a birth defect that resembles Down's Syndrome in the eyes?  There is something relevant to those points!  Is it used as much so in Japan?  Who controls (ed?) China through Hong Kong?  It was Great Britain wasn't (isn't) it?  Did those who developed MSG do so because they were extremely jealous of the Vegetarian diet of the Chinese and wanted a way to screw it up and make in unhealthy?  Who produces that?  What chemical company?  I have had bad reactions to it.  And my fathers heart was never the same after he ate Chinese food.

But what is the point?  Chinese food DOESN'T NEED MSG TO TASTE GOOD!  I know because I have made Chinese food dishes!

It was discovered in Germany.  Essentially it is wheat gluten treated with Sulfuric Acid (Car battery acid.)?????????????????????????????????????

If you have ever had any exposure to sulfuric acid fumes you know.  1. What is smells like.  2.  They leave a burning sensation on your skin.  3.  They make your eyes extremely dry!  How would a baby born exposed to sulfuric acid look?

And the Chinese did indeed invent Gun powder?  Sulfuric acid is used in explosives.  So that is the answer why the Chinese look the way that they do?  A long history of use and exposure to the chemical?

What was that German thinking?  "You like Gunpowder, do you?  I'll fix you!"

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