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Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Residents of Isreal had already been heathenized when the Romans rolled in 06 13 2015

The Residents of Israel had already been heathenized when the Romans rolled in 06 13 2015

I say Residents because Israel and Judea were separate countries.  In order to be a Jew you would have had to be a Judean; or one who believed in Judas?

There is another quote about the wine presses rolling in to Israel from Judea.

But how do I know the Israelites were heathenized?  This quote from the Bible by Jesus Christ to people of Israel upon the Roman Invasion.

"You fools, for how long have I tried to bring you out in the courtyard to teach you something?"

Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  It is served to women at practically every church mass.  A pregnant women is not supposed to have even one drop.

That is what heathenized the Israelites (not Jews?) before the Romans rolled in.

The word Jewish means blessed one.  They were only blessed until the wine presses moved in.

But today the person who does not have their own human cognition and fully developed frontal cortex is thought of as the blessed one.  So there was a 180 degree shift in the course of history right there.

So what was occurring pre world war two in Germany?  Hitler banned Cigarettes.  But also women teachers rose up and formed groups to have alcohol banned!  Why?  Out of complete frustration and knowing of the cause of mental retardation.  Things are different today.  They vent that frustration onto the normal human being and that person is labeled a schizophrenic in medical fraud.

Trapped in a permanent state of being without the reality of becoming?  That is otherwise known as Perdition.  Only a monster of a person would seek that a person be born into Perdition.  That is what the Pro-life movement really is!

That which can  never be would go to great lengths to prove to you and itself that it is.  Such as granting itself limited liability for business actions; again because it knows it isn't responsible.  Such as playing a childhood game for a living and pretending it is the highest pinnacle of achievement in the world.  Recognized success really doesn't matter in the issue because it knows it is being with the reality of never becoming.

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