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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Satan = satist = sadist 06 25 2015

Satan = satist = sadist  06 25 2015

It is a phonetic word origin that was disambiguated.  Just as exercise and exorcise are.

We now know without a shadow of a doubt who the Devil is!  It is someone that tortures or promotes torture.

Is there something mentally retarded or mentally defective about someone who tortures?  Without a shadow of a doubt!

Is slavery a form of torture?  Yes!
Is giving someone a narcotic that causes mental retardation a form of torture?  Yes!
Child abuse? Yes!  What does that really mean?  Satan infiltrated the Church!

Satan is a real person and it is plural. Before Jesus was tortured to death by the Romans (current day Italians) he was tortured by Satan a human being on the mountain after he heard voices in the desert after John the Baptist tried to drown him!  He needed to be attended to and nursed after by some women after that.  So it means that God wasn't some invisible power that did this to him it was a human being.  And the Roman Emperors considered themselves Gods!  There was no separation between church and state citizens where made to worship them.  So who is that sick in the head?  Someone that can't stand to be scrutinized!  Someone that believes themselves to be free from critique because any valid critique of them just about kills them!  They are that insecure.  Wowser is the word for it and spoil sport.

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  1. George Bush promoting torture makes him "An" antichrist of the wiccan or satanic religion. Therefore any and all of his policies and legislation need to be annulled. As they are one of the greatest Constitutional violations of church and state this country has had to endure!

  2. People were also tortured in the Obama and Clinton Admins so any and all policies, Acts and Legislation by them needs to be annulled. It also applies to the FDR Administration because of procedures such as lobotomy.

  3. We will likely have to clean slate this country of all of that back to the time of the first gun control measures.