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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Communism and Prohibition were both attempted solutions to the EXACT same problem 06 20 2015

Communism and Prohibition were both attempted solutions to the EXACT same problem 06 20 2015

Prohibition lasted about 12 years ~1920~ 1932 about the same amount of time it took for a pre Prohibition child to become emotionally disturbed because it didn't get along with the human beings born during Prohibition?

 About the same amount of time it took for a Promiscuous mother and father to realize they had no idea how to handle or raise their children?

The Exact same problem was those who were born with barely detectable mental retardation who need to borrow from the Cognition of those who are not;  causing them to hear voices and attrition based mental illness.

That same defect makes people ant civilization? Hoarding money, mocking the poor and unemployed, playing games for a living,  meanness promoted as necessity of management, lifetime drug abuse due to a defective gene that regulates serotonin, not really caring about pollution, etc. etc.  And the worst of it was indeed cannibalism.  That is what happens when an economies money runs out and no one (wealthy) want to work to grow food? (Coupled with being mentally defective.)


Downtown Milwaukee, only four stories of a high rise structure are up and it is rusting already.

On the stadium.  Look at what makes a city great.  It is the old solid buildings that last forever.  They built things to last.  They didn't make bad decisions and then decide it needed to be torn down.  They built those buildings to last.  And when they are well maintained they do indeed last don't they.  A far different and more responsible mindset existed then.  It was one that celebrated freedom rather than one that mocked it and the thinking human soul with voices.

When the metal beams of a building are rusting before it is even finished you NEVER give members of that family a construction contract again!

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