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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How many men got cancer of the Penis, Testicles or Prostate after dating a woman that smoked Cigarettes tobacco? 06 17 2015

How many men got cancer of the Penis, Testicles or Prostate after dating a woman that smoked Cigarettes/Tobacco? 06 17 2015

You see that would have been News/Academic Research we could use, not putting historical Nixon statements to a truth meter, or attempting to fraudulently prove that people who hear voices are actually talking to themselves, etc...

How many women got fibrous uterine cysts/ovarian cancer from being dipped by that same tobacco juice pecker?   How many women got ovarian cancer from having a chain smoking freak lick their crotch (cunnilingus.)

Open her purse and throw those cigarettes right in the garbage!  And she will no longer be able to have the mental wherewithal to stand your presence and date or be married to you.  So be it!  Better that than her giving birth to ten "suck mouthed" or genetically regressive "Bugle mouthed" "Sucking carp mouthed" "Vegetable head" or whatever you want to call them children.

No man likes a "Suck mouthed" non declared homo looking at him in discernment!

No man likes to be sized up by a "suck mouth"

That satanic person that will never have its own cognition is the deformed vegie brat of a witch exactly like that!

A suck mouth that looks at you with sad eyes and a round hole mouth expression.

It should immediately eliminate many of your choices for President right now!  Look at the cast of political characters with this genetic trait.  John Boehner, Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Bill Clinton, all the Bush's, Ron Johnson, Tammy Baldwin, Russ Feingold, Tom Barrett, Police Chief Flynn, Bloomberg  Chris Christie, etc, etc.

My Italian High School History Professor, my Jewish College Auditing Professor, all suck mouths.

Any black man who talks like a baby brained homo.  A Pollack that strains to get the words out and they come out monotone and is if he jerking his shoulders around in order to speak.

Bugle flared lips!  Look at their profile and you will see it!

Vote for Thomas Paul Murphy for President and would we end up in Armageddon WWW3?  You damn right!  Why?  Because I am not a "suck mouth"  Bring it on, we will take no prisoners!

Who else are suck mouths that would not find camaraderie with me?  Putin, the Japanese, Prince Charles and William, etc etc.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 06 17 2015 at:

With the presence of the bugle lips trait there is often also "Snake eyes" or "sleepy looking eyes" that look at you in spoiled resentment!  Virtually every Asian person this white American has ever met or seen!  Facial apathy!  Virtually every cretin professional sports player has that!

That spoiled kid whose father owned the car dealerships and his kissing friend.  Virtually all the adult males at the health club!

There I said it again!  Freedom of speech and freedom of belief (religion)  May every single American have the courage to speak their mind!  May no one ever lose their home again in this country from some "Suck mouth" suing them.  Defamation of character?  Not when there is a genetic trait that is the cause of that poor character!  A Bugle lipped man ends up with all the real estate in the world because he sued everyone who said he had bugle sucking lips out of house and home!  Enough of that!

How many males started smoking in order to kill off the unpleasant taste of being forced to perform oral sex on their mentally retarded mothers?


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