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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Diacetyl in Coffee

A complicated reaction between the beans sugars and amino acids....

How do you know that the chemical wasn't added to the beans after it was mfg'd or sprayed on them during transport?

Am I the only one who believed the Tea in the Boston Tea Party had something wrong with it?

I am well aware of the dangers of that hazelnut flavor.  When I was a boy I could not stand the smell of it and drinking hazelnut coffee has always made me sick.

I no longer drink any coffee and avoid all sugar, etc.

There was lead in children's toy's from China.

George Washington warned us not to get to friendly with foreign nations.

And some of those South American Countries hated us.  In fact that is where the heroin comes from.  I suppose you think they also believe heroin is good for you health and I am being paranoid?

Put two and two together.  If Columbia is sending us heroin then the coffees is also likely "corkscrewed."

Like the wealthy in that country don't hob nob and date each other?

I also believe that anything that is harmful to the lungs on the way in is just as harmful to the kidneys on the way out.  I really don't care what you think of me.

Happy fathers day.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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