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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Catholic Saint Joan of Arc heard voices! 06 11 2015

Catholic Saint Joan of Arc heard voices 06 11 2015

So I was reading the biography of Joan of Arc.  She heard voices!  That would make her a Schizophrenic today!  She fought for France against England.  And the Catholic Church reviewed the court trial of her being burned as a witch and found she did nothing wrong!  In fact in 1920 the Catholic Church made her a saint!  Even though she was burnt at the stake she got a lesser sentence because she finally admitted in court that she was deceived.  So what did the English have against someone hearing voices?  They made her confess and grabbed her hand and guided it to make her sign a confession!  You can't get much more awful than that.

The Catholic Church reviewed that! In the year 1920!!!!  Very interesting isn't it?  That is the year that Prohibition began!  They were putting two and two together weren't they!

Would you ever see the Catholic Church label someone who hears voices a Saint in this modern era?  Never!  In fact they are part of the demonization crew.  And who is likely to not have a prefrontal cortex develop in the mid 20's?  Someone whose parents drank!  Some who was from a very wealthy family and was spoiled rotten!  A sponge, if you will!

I also read a recent issue of a magazine that wrote about the teenage brain.  The magazine mentions that the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for decision making and conscience doesn't develop until the person is in their 20's. They stated in schizophrenia the development goes way to far!  They have the whole issue wrong!  The schizophrenic has the normal human developed prefrontal cortex.  And from my life experience my prefrontal cortex was developed long before I heard voices, like in childhood.  So what is really going on here?  A young human being in their mid 20's has those who were dependent minded to them all through childhood realize that their prefrontal cortexes are not developing like that one persons is!  Hence they curse that person!  That is indeed that persons pier group!

It should be a hate crime to participate in the hazing of someone who hears voices!  Because someone who hears voices is far more likely to be a victim of violence than a perpetrator it should also be a mandatory death sentence to someone that attempts to violently victimize them!

What really happened is that we have a race of spoilsports among us whose prefrontal cortexes did not develop in the mid 20's!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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