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Monday, June 15, 2015

Banning Abortion after 20 weeks legalizes Rape by the Wealthy 06 15 2015

Banning Abortion after 20 weeks legalizes Rape by the Wealthy 06 15 2015

Just look at all that money flowing into the Republican Party candidates coffers!!!  Think of how much money that wealth could pay a woman who was raped by one of those sons?

Once a poor girl see's all that money she won't press charges for rape?

The way it works is that she files charges.  Immediately the lawyers confer and a settlement is offered.  The only evidence of the rape therefore is the pregnancy!  So in effect the wealthy no longer have any moral conscience with regard to it do they?  She was required to keep that child!

Are you trying to tell me that you have to force a woman to raise a child?  And lets just say for whatever reasons she doesn't want to raise that child, perhaps she can't afford it; are you telling me that she has to give that child up to a foster home or adoption network?

You know it is very surprising that women have not weighed in on this issue!  This really defines who is who doesn't it!  It separates the good women from the bad woman!  The bad woman not having the ability to understand the issue!


The whole issue arose out of the eugenics movement which came about as the same time as Prohibition.  The University of Wisconsin was front and center in the Issue.  Charles Van Hise was the President of the UW System and his belief was that the larger sized man would fair better in harsh post apocalyptic type conditions.  The truth is that is just the kind of guy that creates the apocalypse.  They also wanted to sterilize everyone labeled schizophrenic and every member of their family.  If they had got their way neither myself nor my sister nor my nephew would be alive today!  We would never have been born!

But read into that a little more.   It is creating the conditions precedent for genocide of the normal males and the corralling of the women, to be forcibly inseminated (raped.)  Tell me that isn't exactly consistent with that Van Hise mindset?

But corralling the women.... Isn't that what the big jocks always have done?  Show acts of aggression to someone with a normal pre frontal cortex that makes inroads with a girlfriend?  They come out of the woodwork to do so!

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere.  What are the odds that lesser cases on the spectrum do not have the ability to develop a normal conscience and human reason?  Extremely high!  The Apocalypse meaning Revelation is that Satan can not form his or her own human Cognition!

There I said it all again!  Stuff that you hate and would like to never have to read or think about in your head!

Perhaps they feel that the biological father never needs to feel guilty and stay separated from his bastard child if indeed it was against the law to abort it?  It is really legislating personal delusion isn't it!  "If things had been different in this way, I would have attempted to be a father to that child?"  You might have no trouble believing the lies you tell yourself but I don't.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Perhaps the big dolt has depression and terminal shame with regard to all the children he sired.  And mandating that they be kept relieves his psyche of any of that shame.

One drink of alcohol and you won't remember any of this political directive!  It will be gone with your morning piss.

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