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Monday, June 15, 2015

Jesus a Rabbi had to have been the Bastard Son of a Rabbi 06 15 2015

Jesus a Rabbi had to have been the Bastard Son of a Rabbi 06 15 2015

How do we know this?  Because Jesus the Rabbi paid a visit to the house of a woman whose daughter was said to be sick?  Likely that daughter was going through puberty or having a menses?  It was a visit to sire that daughter!  Which means it was a Rabbi function!  Why do we know it was a visit to get the daughter pregnant?  Because the Bible tells us that he sneaked into that home!

So if indeed this was part of Rabbi culture or indoctrination that tells us where Jesus himself came from!  He wasn't immaculately conceived!  That is bunk!  Do you really believe that a woman going into a fertility tent of a wild eyed Native American is immaculately conceived too?  I am not that stupid!

So indeed is this where we have a secret drive for the pro-life movement in the United States?  Jews?  Do we really know that they vote for pro life Candidates instead of pro choice?

The Pro Life movement is pro heathenization.  Communism is indeed the management of the heathenized!

So if you disagree with me and you are of that faction, it is time to get your comeuppance and assert your belief in pro choice.  Otherwise you face the risk of heathenization which means loss of FREEDOM!

Sure I could list the premise numbers and then the conclusion but you can easily read this and understand it is true.  If I connected the dots in that manner you likely wouldn't want to remember it anyway because of envy of the method of logic!

"What is more of a "tell" in life than anything else is; who opposes you when you assert yourself!"

Thomas Paul Murphy
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