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Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Defective serotonin regulating gene related to the peoples money 07 30 2015

A Defective serotonin regulating gene related to the peoples money 07 30 2015

It's always the same...when they say you have money coming to you they then find out a way to keep it all for themselves. The good dead was satisfied in their mind when they made the promise; after that they bear no responsibility to fulfill it because they already consider themselves to have done a good dead. Which tells you what? It is so hard for them to give that them just having to say they are going to give makes them feel like they should receive all the reward!

How come the academic psychologists never came up with a term for it?

But people who can really earn a lot of money have no problem with giving it because they know that they can always earn more!  This means that the ones who made a lot of money did not earn it; because their is little meaningful giving.

So if you didn't earn your money but you have the most of it doesn't that really mean that money isn't right for you?  And what do Billionaires do with their money?  They use it to make friends by setting up charitable organizations.  And that is a gift and hoarding of money by those who didn't earn it and are not going to give it in a meaningful way!  A lot of charities that are based on a disease; we already know the cause of those diseases and nothing is being done to eliminate the cause.

One Billionaire has a charity devoted to giving everyone a chance at success in life while on the other hand he is advocating population control (genocide) measures.  A person with that split, that can never be explained because it can't be explained, shouldn't have money.

Did a person who is that deceptive really earn their money?  Do you believe a person who is that deceptive really earned their money?  I don't!

Does a Governor who doesn't want you to know what the Government is doing really earn his money?  No!  Why not?  Because he is being deceptive.  If he were earning his money he would not need to be deceptive.  The reason they never want you to know how they earned their billions is because if you did that loophole in capitalism would be closed down!  And it should be closed down today!  There is more than one.  Was the largest bank in the United States credible?  No!  Are stock market operators, investment bankers, insurance salesmen credible?  No!  Are priests credible?  No!  Who is credible?  The only people who are credible are those who hear voices!  And the reason they hear voices is because the interjections into their stream of conscience completely ruin their credibility!  Do you see the logic there?  The people who are the most credible on earth are those who others want to ruin the credibility of by intruding into their cognition with voices!  As long as any of us have drugs given to us or mandated to us for the voices we hear; then there is no credibility.  And we didn't incite those voices!

Now here is another one of the devils favorite games, to tell you that you can't hold your alcohol and then demonically possess you when you drink or drink too much!  It should not even be a legal supplement!  No responsible adult human being would ever drink one single drop of it!  "That human can think for himself and I can hear it.  Let's see how smart he is when we give him a drink!"  That is one unhappy Bathsheba that needs to leave the United States in her gypsy caravan wagon and drive it straight to money island.  Wherever that is!  Send them all to money island!  And I really don't care if there isn't enough room for them all there!

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