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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Electronic Surveillance and harassment 07 30 2015

Electronic Surveillance and harassment 07 30 2015

Essentially these are kids that were never told not to loiter!

The good son knew not to loiter!

So who never learned not to loiter?  Is it the NSA?  The CIA?  The FBI?  Homeland Security?  Barrack Obama?  Organized crime?  Corporate management networked criminals?  Special education programs?  Who never learned not to loiter?  Who could never be taught not to loiter?

We have a lot of people in the United States who are purely miserable because of our Constitution.

You glance quickly at a person and see that they are ugly.  You think it.  And for some reason they attempt to make that problem your problem!  As if you can solve the problem of them being ugly! , Give that person psychiatric drugs because they think I am fat, ugly, queer, sloth, or a physical dwarf accompanied by mental dwarfism?  Above all else the Constitution of the United States guaranties you freedom!

And then what other act of fury do they like to participate in?  To loiter until you recognize that they are fat, ugly, queer, sloth or a physical or mental dwarf accompanied by mental dwarfism.  I will throw in cretinism too, for those who can't stand Professional Wrestlers who commit adultery!  And don't let that big hee man have a gun either because he is going to hold it to his own head and say you made him do it?  It was the poison of alcohol he was born under the conception of and never you!

Then what does the swine want to do next?  Put forth unconstitutional gun control!  Why?  Because so that when you see it is ugly and stupid it can victimize you without you being able to protect yourself from that victimization.

"What has been seen cannot be unseen."  ~Star Trek?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Had two more articles to type up.  One on how those of the all one mind principle will eventually only be all one mind with an animal.  And also on the shenanigans of Corporate American, law enforcement and the mentally retarded.  But forget it!

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