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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Disbanding the United States Military 07 23 2015

Disbanding the United States Military 07 23 2015

So if you were President and you disbanded the U.S. Military per the Supreme Law of the Land and Constitutional directive; what are the odds that someone deprived of the "public dole" would attempt to assassinate you?

Got to be higher than 100%  Meaning more than one would? :)

I would disband it immediately without any fear!  Why?  Because what that last paragraph say's about that character.  I would have some concern, but not fear.

And don't worry no Wilson Syndrome Tea Party banker is going to take your house from you!  I would disband the Federal Reserve too!  A package deal!  And there would be more in that package too!  Things that are only good for your health and wellness and that of your children.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And Good God!  Haven't they been propagandizing that only a certain type of man can protect you in a war?  G@d d@mned enough of that!

And we won't be trading with any country that doesn't adopt our 2nd Amendment and other Constitutional human rights!

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