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Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Little Bit of Jewish History 07 18 2015

A Little Bit of Jewish History

Most people don't know that Elijah is a Jewish hero and God because he threw Jezebel who was one of the most evil women in world history to be eaten by wild dogs.  (I think I got those facts right from memory but pardon me if I am off in a manner that isn't relevant.)

I wonder how many female Jewish Rabbi's teach the significance of Elijah?

Jezebel is said to have murdered over 10,000 prophets herself in the Gospel of Barnabas. A Prophet is someone who has a non defective human hippo-campus. Every single person on earth should have Prophetic type thinking ability. But a great many don't due to a birth defect from alcohol.

When the Romans killed Jesus Christ they mocked him. “And don't cry to Elijah to help you! Elijah isn't going to help you is he!” What that tells you about people who would mock a wicked whore like Jezebel is that the Romans had to have been son's of whores!

Do we have quite a few Jezebels in the world today? Every person who is bombarded with female voices in their heads is indeed a victim of Jezebel!

At some point in history Jewish Rabbi's gave up trying to keep the archetype of Lilith or Jezebel under control. But at another time in Jewish history they went to war and brought back strange women as bounty. After a just a little while of those strange women they decided to, the euphemism is “do away with them!”

How would you be received if you walked into a Jewish temple today and said, “I want to do away with all the strange women in the world. I want to discuss it just like those Jewish tribal leaders did in the Bible. What do you feel would be the benefits of doing away with the strange women.” I guarantee you that is a topic that a modern female Jewish Rabbi will never discuss.

Now the Israeli Minister of Defense said he would do everything in his power to prevent another Holocaust. Has he talked to Rabbi's in the United States or Milwaukee to see if there are any strange women chanting to men and demonically possessing them? Does he indeed know the severity of this encroachment on American Freedom?  That is a multitrillion dollar economic threat to our National Freedom!

Holocaust means offering to God. So indeed Jezebel killing 10,000 Prophet Jews was her declaring herself a God? At the very least she was a fascist for believing that she wielded the power of life and death. Her (a female) with a brain that is 10% less than a males?

So at some point in history the Jews killed some strange women? That would be genocide right?

So you look at the images of the Queen of England learning the Nazi Salute as a child and you have to ask, “What is going on with that?” That family blood line is stated to be Jewish. So why are they Nazi Saluting?

It has to do with France being in between the two? Was there a Nazi party in Great Britain? If you see the Queens family Nazi Saluting most assured there was and it was deep rooted. What it really tells you of is the danger of a monarchy form of government to the entire world? First it supports what will then become its own worst enemy. The way that happens is because of fickle or feeble minded leadership. I mentioned it earlier today but the quest to maintain power is often the very worst enemy to those that want to keep it because the decisions they made are highly detrimental to themselves. And then they can't dig themselves out of the hole they created. But it never stops them from going in the same direction does it. Deeper. What is that evidence of a spoiled will that never developed into that of a mature adult human being. So much for the mentally retarded second generation wealth of socialite drinkers.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Do you really want to know what a person who is making you hear voices is like? They are the most feeble and insecure personality in the world. They cling to your consciousness like it is their security blanket! And they wet it good don't they!


So Hitler didn't like France? They don't like blacks either?  I likely have that black gene in me. My great grandfather had red hair and I believe that only comes from miscegenation. And perhaps some is from a good Bathsheba miscegenation line and some is from a lesser line? But what is the point? I do indeed believe that I am better than most white people! So is that black gene the reason for it? Like I alluded to there might be some black genes in whites that are better than others. Some very good and some very bag.  England did horrible things to the Irish.  So we see where the origins of Nazi Germany are from the hatred of man?


Off topic. What if you used alcohol and drugs as an adult because all your life you were a voyeur to the conscious mind of a human being? That has to stop. And indeed the problem isn't with the human being is it. It needs to be recognized that it is with you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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