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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

No Child Left Behind is Asperger's Vladimir Putin Based Communism 07 28 2015

No Child Left Behind is Asperger's Vladimir Putin Based Communism 07 28 2015

What they are doing is using nonlethal weapons to torture the souls of human beings in the United States so that the “Fur ears” can glean and learn from them.

In effect George Bush stole the souls of Americans to the benefit of the mentally retarded.

Can we execute and euthanize people in the United States? Very expeditiously we can if they are guilty of human rights violations (Constitutional) and treason in one! It needs to be a Government controlled program!

Anyone born with any condition linked to mental retardation is funneled into this program.

And when do we stop? When the last human being stops hearing 24 /7 voices in their heads from the mentally retarded.

They never could have made any money in Corporate American without limited liability.

A key tenet of Communism is “one mind for all!”

That is also where we got all the homosexuals in the United States from! They are genetically different too! And 2014 scientific evidence has strongly correlated them to have a defect in the gene that regulates achievement based happiness (serotonin). Believe me you will know it when you work with one or go to school with one!

All of those mental birth defects are due to alcohol! But the wealthy never wanted those mentally retarded children to feel that they were any different. They use non lethal directed energy weapons to dislocate the human soul from a person as they are toiling away and it is uptaken into the less than human minds of the mentally retarded.  It is "uptaken" like pigs slopping up corn at the feeding trough.

So if we don't do the above measure what will happen? We will slowly die from all the pollution that they created. At some point because they are not legitimate workers or teachers they will also resort to cannibalism.

Heroin and drugs are also means that they use to displace the human soul from a person. It is a Wiccan Satanic attack on the United States.

The biggest threat to this communist wealth class is the normal human being that can learn and achieve. They loathe such people like the devil loathed Jesus Christ.

It is fascism, the belief that one controls the power over life and death, by the mentally retarded.

So how come no one notices it? Because some forms of mental retardation have very strong manipulative verbal ability and low IQ. In effect they argue very well to convince you that they aren't stupid!

You can't have people with this kind of mindset in positions of authority because it leads to waste that threatens the life of every man woman and child on earth.

And everyone always wants to believe that all women are like mother Mary! But it isn't true! Members of organized crime were raised by bad mothers and married bad women! That is where you get the bad man from! An evil criminally minded person that the bad mother protects, spoils and networks herself to protect the wrongdoing of her offspring from any due justice! A wife that doesn't care where her husband gets the money from!

How else do you get someone like Vladymir Putin, with augsbergers or Asperger's whatever it is, to rise to the top of a Communist nation if indeed communism is not the satanic stealing of the human soul by the mentally retarded? He was a no child left behind person wasn't he! He was the world poster child for it!  The FBI diagnosed Putin with that a long time ago!

No human being finds a Down's Syndrome person talking to them with a voice to skull microwave transmitter cute!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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