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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Require ALL Professional Athletes to wear electrically conductive shoes and it would be an entire different playing field 07 19 2015

Require ALL Professional Athletes to wear electrically conductive shoes and it would be an entire different playing field  07 19 2015

It would put an end to satanically acquired and maintained wealth.  Why?  You would no longer have psycho-denergization of the human beings mind transferred into the class dunces!  It would defeat the parable of the talents.  And if every so often a bunch of people that didn't know enough to go inside during a lightning storm got fried; well that is Gods will.

You would no longer have non white races glaring at you because when you did some work they saw it in their satanic minds eye and it made them very tired.

When I was in grade school they always taught us the athletic programs taught competitive skills!  That is a complete bunch of bunk!  That physical education coach had the worst attitude of any teacher!  They were the most sportsman like!  Whether they were a chain smoking freak, a fat bellied sloth mouth, a dim witt a$$hole or a dike; they all had bad attitudes.  Today that transitioned into swearing on the sidelines at the referee, fights etc. 

Do you know how that anticompetitive spirit shows up more than anywhere in society?  They have absolutely no shame accepting that amount of money to play a childhood game.  Did Favre ever stop to thank our society for allowing the high paying job to exist in the first place?  Perhaps he should have!  Because it is having dramatic negative consequences to the security of our Democracy!

The media never holds professional athletes accountable for the meaning of their sentences.  When Brett Favre says now he is asking what God can do for him today.  Isn't he really saying he doesn't have the skills to make it in our business civilization?  And did I see professional golfers drinking alcohol drinks while playing?

That fat kid on the baseball field would be as dumb on the field as he is in the classroom!

And wasn't Brett Favre's concussion really do to alcohol?  There he is standing hung over on the field and Warren Sapp pile drives him?  Then came the Narcotic addiction!  So indeed we see an outright case of alcoholism leading to a narcotic addiction?  And that is speculation.  I also want to say when a son asks his father if he can take a narcotic so that he can handle the pain of sports just like Brett Favre did what does that father tell him?  A good father would say, "That's it your done!"  I remember a kid in High School who was very tall and would have been good at football.  I asked him why he wasn't on the team.  He said because his father told him it would ruin his knees.  He listened to his father.

One more point I want to make about Favre not wanting to teach Rodgers anything.  Rogers has the look to him whereby he is going to learn all that you do and some things he shouldn't have a way of knowing what you do in a very short time.  Who wants to have their career over by that religious faction of society?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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