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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Pope Taking an Alias and Public Ownership of Sports Teams 07 12 2015

The Pope Taking an Alias and Public Ownership of Sports Teams 07 12 2015

The Pope taking an alias?  What is that like?  Not wanting everyone on the street to know your past identity after you are Pope?  Needing an alias?  That is directly consistent with the tens of thousands of sexual molestations of children by the church.  Now this Pope might not have conducted himself in that manner but the priests before him did.  It is new managements responsibility to clean up the mistakes of the prior.  The Church School being were the beast of a priest has access to them and that is a private school.  Does it make sense to have more private schools or more public schools.  Just at a time when criminal conduct is invalidating private schools we see Scott Walker attempt to create more of them.
So did prior Popes have a history of sexually molesting human beings and engaging in criminal conduct!  Alcohol a drug that causes mental retardation is the basis of that business.  But again is it even business?  A business man knows his business and what the risks are.  A Corporation with limited liability isn't a business it is a 2 for me and 1 for you!
That Church is a business and a burial group as a Corporation; it isn't a religion it is part of organized crime!  It has absolutely no place in the United States!  The fact that your mainstream media doesn't harp on it means they are part of it too!
And I will tell you something else.  A lot of those priests are genetic retards.  How do I know?  You can tell a lot by the sound of someone's voice.  I know what you are thinking that I am being too critical to the point of being a queer or something.  But that high odd sounding voice has to be due to a genetic defect!  It isn't normal and the abnormal are indeed ubiquitous today because of the toxic influence on the genetic code in DNA! 
Do you know what it equates to?  Mentally retarded spoil sports (with strong verbal ability as in Wilsons Syndrome) got together to form a clan.
How many tens of thousands of cases of sexual assault?  They should have all been put in prison and executed a long time ago.  Now the fact that that didn't happen means that your criminal justice system in the United States is in on it too!
The Corporate limited liability is indeed its own religion!  As a religion it cannot interfere with Government in the United States!  But that is all it does!  Many Corporations serve as their own banks!  So now we are getting into the Federal Reserve which controls the economy through manipulation and failure to regulate.  So the entire banking system is zombie idiot too!

Public ownership of sports teams should mean just that! No season ticket holders allowed! Tickets to all the seats in the place are sold first come first serve for $5 a piece!
And what happens when they raise the prices of the tickets to the public to buy a new stadium?  Effectively the public paid for it but got inadequate consideration (means money in return.)  Now lets translate that to the concept of the Corporation raising prices to buy a new building so that they are more comfortable.  Effectively again the public paid for that though unfair pricing but indeed got none of the ownership benefit!  So what these concepts are fall into the category of transparency.  And the corporation could have never done any of this if it wasn't unconstitutionally allowed to be irresponsible to the public through limited liability.
What is that like?  "Here is my potato head son.  I want you to give him a high paying job in management."
"How am I supposed to do that, he is a complete idiot!"
"It is real simple I will grant your entire company limited liability.  He can act like a pirate all day long and you will never lose a dime from it!"
The burden of that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome retard just there became a deferred and unrecognizable liability.  And the lies continue to this day.  "No we don't have any pollution problem."  The reason they always say we don't have a problem is because they can't fix it.  If they even attempted to police environmental liabilities a few calls on the old fart whiskey phones would put them out of office! 
Public ownership means that the league can be as diverse as it wants to be.  It also means the public sets the salaries and the public receives a profit sharing check!

Private ownership should mean just that only the parents watch their adult kids play and it never makes the television set!  This rich fathers son and his golfing buddy's son.  Who wants to watch that?

Private University Police Forces?

The reason you need University police is because the regular police can't be trusted?  Because the wealthy don't want to pay tax to support the public system but would rather have their own police force paid for with increased college tuition?  All Universities should indeed be closed and degrees of those to deemed to be satanic minded invalidated!  That fact is that if the regular police force can't be trusted it means you have to eliminate that chain of command from that employment system.  But indeed those mayors are put in place by the wealthy.  And it is all kiss kiss.

It is like they want this this way and have to have this this other way.  And it is a complete duplicitous waste to ultimately hide personal incompetence and lack of patriarchal character!

There has never been a valid matriarchal society.  What the problem here is that genetically some of these dolt minded men do not have the lineage of their fathers but that of their mothers.  And what is she?  A buffoon!  You can hear all mannerisms of effeminate in the voices of those who are of matriarchal lineage and it sounds like a high strained tenor monkey that is helpless living among humans.

What is next? The Italian race Police Forces?  I see a lot of civilians driving around with phony sirens and lights these days!  That is a no no that should get you jail time.  But these creeps strip searched people in public.  It is unbelievable!  It is unbelievable!  What are they doing in the United States?  The criminal minded have no idea when they are not behaving correctly!  That is how mentally defective they are!  What is that really a sign of?  The inability to relate to real human beings.  All he can think of is a scheming mind.  And it is as if what he thinks of is somehow infallible and no one else could ever figure out!  No one will be able to tell I committed a crime!  Well the shame is that when you get enough of these bobo's everywhere, as in the structures above, it becomes true doesn't it!

What we have already needed is a Police Force for and of those who hear voices.  And that would be the Golden Gun!  Did that black retard just grab my Summerfest Date?  Did that swine just stalk me again?  That has no place in human civilization! 

One bad genotype in law enforcement and the justice system ruins it!  I am talking about matriarchal lineage!  And you cannot go by surname to figure it out!  The horror is that matriarchal lineage hides behind patriarchal lineage as if it is the same and it isn't and that makes that surname a complete fraud for the matriarchal lineage!  So indeed that matriarchal lineage needs to claim every single one of its persons under only the first surnames of its origin!  Now that would sort out man from beast wouldn't it!  That matriarchal lineage can keep the father surname but it will need to add the matriarchal lineage surname to the end or how about just adding woman to the end!  "Scott Walker Woman"  "Bill Clinton Woman"  "George Bush Woman" "Ronald Reagan Woman."  Now that is the truest and funniest thing I wrote all day.  "Chris Christie Woman"  "Donald Trump Woman."  "Barrack Obama Woman"  "Joseph Biden Woman"

Are either of those systems (Justice, Police Force, Corporate management) fairly represented in any meaningful and constructive way by those who hear voices.  No!  So indeed they broke their own antiracism laws!  Again how very convenient!
So you are in a religion that pools its money to help each other out in times of need.  What happens when you get a job in Government or Business?  From personal experience I would call it "Here comes Timmy!"  And members of that religion should indeed be barred from Government and Business in the United States because it is anticompetitive and tribalism.  Read the newspaper, doesn't it not look like we have suffered an attack from tribalism? Modern tribalism.  I know how to make America what it should be!  You get all of that out of here and you then ban any alcohol and drugs!  Now that is what the human race was meant to be because it brings peace!  No more drug and chemical retards ever born again.  Do you see why the big socialite (means drinking without a doubt) is pro life?
You cannot tell me that every time a religious official opens his mouth on prolife that he doesn't get a mega donation from those of matriarchal lineage or wealthy low IQ.  The father was smart but drank and the kid is the worst thing ever but will still become President of the Company when in reality he is trailer trash.
Ever hear a man warn you about mother nature.  And you want to tell him, You should be more worried about father Thor?  Do you get it?  After having to put up with the poor decisions of those of matriarchal lineage eventually natural disaster will have of epoch proportion, and that is not mother nature it is indeed God the father, Thor or whatever you want to call it.  Mother Nature?  It is that pussy son trying to tell you that you better think like a pussy too.   A pussy is absolutely useless as a friend.
One more stream of conscious point.  Ever have a friend and pretty son you realize you are starting to be something you never wanted to be and there is no way out?  That is matriarchal lineage taking hold of you and it is Satan.
So we take ownership of sports teams and when we see a punk player posing as a professional and cussing out the ref we say his career is done!  And that same construct should apply to Corporate America.  Looks like the patriarchal lineage gets to remove another corporate management from a snake oil wagon!  Amen!
Some of this stuff is just like Jesus said,  "And some of you will go to prison for believing in me."  He knew he was right.  However he knew there was no winning with the problem.
Best of luck.  I like being me and I hear voices that take every profitable concept from my conscious mind as if they owned it.  But I still like being me.  Do you like being you?  Who would you rather be.
I have another stream of logic that proves a lot of bad things about those who do NOT want people to like them.  But I don't make any money from this so you will never read that.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 07 12 2015

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