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Friday, July 10, 2015

Ever Notice that Police Officers always have just a little more money than anyone else 07 10 2015

Ever Notice that Police Officers always have just a little more money than anyone else 07 10 2015

How does that occur?

It is financial bribery or fraudulent favoritism?  Allocating mutual investment gains to their accounts and losses to those you don't want to see do well in life?

How is that done?  Very simple with a computer, "mistiming of records" and long periodic reporting, as well as the good old fortune teller woman who can see into the future of the human minds made to hear voices and thereby have their energy conscious displaced in time?


They would bankrupt the entire nation and the world rather than let that secret be known!

And with the annual trillion dollar costs due to the mental illness that is actively created they are well on track to do that!

So what happens after the entire world is bankrupted?  Genocide caused by economic manipulation!

And if they think exactly the same as those who minds that they have stolen who is going to be left out of the musical chairs first?  The phrase their is no honor among thieves has a depth of meaning that some only learn in epiphany?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Are we going to reach a point in world history where members of the Roman Catholic Church are subjected to Roman Justice?  We are there already are we not?  Fascism, having power over life and death.  Whose children will be allowed to have children and whose will not?  Determined by that which doesn't think like a heterosexual human being?  But what am I getting at?  After they through out all forms of Government due to worldwide economic depression what rule of law are they going to subject us to?  Let me tell you this.  That Constitution and your Second Amendment Right has no setting sun provision!

And we should never ever be trading with a nation that doesn't allow its people to have the same exact right as is written in it!  NEVER!


How are bonuses determined in the Police Department?  You harass a certain individual and then  not only do you receive a bonus but that smile whereby you feel like you are the special son of the person who gave you the money?  You know the reason and they know the reason but that isn't the reason listed for the bonus or yearly pay raise?  I know how the Italian mind works.  It utilizes and degrades all "systems" to foster effeminate will.

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