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Friday, July 10, 2015

Black British Spies as a Cause of Gun Violence and Drug Networks 07 10 2015

Black British Spies as a Cause of Gun Violence and Drug Networks 07 10 2015

What had stopped them from conquering the United States was our Second Amendment Right, so that would be what they are trying to defeat!

It stopped them in the Civil War when they aided the slave owning south and it stopped them in the Revolutionary War!

That pot came into the United States through British controlled Jamaica!

The British black man is a little different than a black American.  They have a sense of mean coolness, aloughness or superiority because the Queen chose them?  What it equates to is a view of everyone else as a piece of meat!

I believe the British Black spy to be a major contributor to gun violence in the inner cities of the United States!

And some of them are connected in the United States through the organized crime network present in the Church as well as Corporate Management and Government.

9 out of 10 of the last United States Presidents have come from the former Confederate Southern states and it shows!  Bill Clinton with an apathetic look on his face lying like a whore does to her father to the entire nation.  The Bush family seemingly having a screw lose in the brain.  And what is the diction of a Southern Person?  Listen to them speak very carefully.  They talk like they are drunk even when they aren't!  Not a good sign!  Believe it or not that is who Politicians actually believe that they are governing in the entire United States!  Big mistake!

Therefore I believe a great many of them should be tried and then executed through capital punishment for drug dealing, pimping, and sexual molestation.  Then their is the British White American that they are connected to that should be served with that exact same justice!

History will be written true and correct!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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