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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Customer is Always Right 07 26 2015 Updated

The Customer is Always Right 07 26 2015

When that customer states that neither that store nor those employees belong in his neighborhood I say that the customer is always right!

Very few people know how the customer has been victimized to do the unpaid work of the store in the United States! And after all that the employees and management still can't get it right!

The Basis of a Lesser Races Humor 07 26 2015

But why is that? Because someone in their life convinced them that they were something they really were not! Later on in life that causes great emotional distress, cognitive dissonance and depression!

Why? Because every moment of every day becomes a fight with reality for them!

What do you call a race whose sole objective is to make a person with Down's Syndrome laugh so that they can laugh along with them? What kind of a race panders to that level of intelligence? What is amounts to is one finding company in the misery of others who can not function at even the lowest levels a human being can!

A lot of humor is based on the principle of, “Look how futile it is to be like a responsible man!”

There is much camaraderie in that isn't there!

Ever grow up with people like that? They found great humor in the principle of, “Look how futile it is to be like a responsible man?”


Do you ever look around and say to yourself, “I have nothing in common with these people and it isn't because a fault of mine?”

Then you are like me! The principle you follow in life is, “Look how futile it is to be an irresponsible low life imbecile that will never be able to think for itself.” And I never became that cold a person until I started hearing voices of the, “Look how futile it is to think like a responsible man,” in my head.  And I really don't find humor in that but pity!  Pity is one of the strongest forms of prayer!  The Devil will never seek reprisal at you faster than if you pity it!


Let every single person in the world know the truth and be the judge of me. Would you stand up to that scrutiny?


Here is why the human being labeled schizophrenic will never become successful in life, “Because that which is of the archetype of,”Look how futile it is to think like a responsible man,” becomes suicidal when the person labeled schizophrenic is happy! Why? Because their entire personality and character is directly based off of the misery of human beings! The only ember of life it has is the human misery it creates!


Okay here is another one of my disambiguation word discoveries. When did the word Idolatry become disambiguated from idle.

When someone say's a person has an idle mind isn't that really the equivalent of a sloth? And being a sloth is a deadly sin! Now here is a question. So a person has an idle mind, who or what exactly are they going to worship? The idle mind can only worship a false idol? Because the idle mind does not have the ability to think for itself and maintain an active stream of conscious it can not worship its own mind. Hence it uses drugs to become happy in place of achievement? Who would an idle mind that cannot think for itself be comfortable with worshiping? Only a false idol!

When the Pope stated that his Curia lived double lives. In effect the Pope actually used the term schizophrenic in a very odd way to describe them. I would have to look it up in his speech to find the exact wording. But the implication was that they were of idle minds and therefore worshiping a false idol.

Now what if they human race genetically degraded mentally to the point whereby the minds of normal human beings where worshipped by those allowed to engage in idolatry? Isn't the act of idolatry really based on inability to cope? As in the humor, “Look at how futile it is to think like a responsible man?”

Who do people like to worship as false idols today? Very large Professional wrestlers with cretin voices? I would state that they might indeed be genetically degraded to actually be cretins. But they are not worshipping them for their mind but rather physical ability. Isn't that how a woman or a woman in a man's body would think? First she would make every attempt to deny that any man is smarter than her. Then she would only want to compare herself to men based on how successful they were at playing a childhood game? The United States wasn't always this way! Believe it or not we were not always this way!

Idle minds are the devils playground? Or something like that. So indeed one could say that the entirety of the Pope's curia is Satanic!

So how do we eliminate someone from idling and therefore engaging in idolatry? First we have to identify the causes.

  1. Too much money. Should a mentally defective person be allowed to inherit money? All that they are ever going to do with it is propagate their own sense of happiness; idolatry! State that Schizophrenia is really caused by those of idle minds who engage in idolatry and you have a wealth redistribution factor taking care of that problem. If someone has a lot of money and engages in idolatry to the point of victimizing a human being and causing them to become mentally ill from attrition. Then that person should not have had money. If a person has so much money that what they come to enjoy is engaging in idolatry of the human mind rather than happiness from personal achievement then the best thing that you can do to save that person is to take away their source of idolatry, meaning what facilitates it! Will that idolater victimize a human being so that it has a source to engage in idolatry to and from! Most definitely!
  2. Mentally defective and limited to idolatry of the human mind because of it. Here you have to eliminate all chemicals and activities that cause a person to be born mentally defective. Also you have to prevent those who are highly likely to give birth to a mentally defective person from conceiving!

Who should engage in idolatry? Someone that accomplished a task that was very hard and difficult to do! He should be very proud of it! Why? Because that sense of happiness from achievement reinforces the human memory to do that same activity again in a faster way. Let me ask you this, Who would prevent a person from being proud of their own achievements? Someone that engaged in idolatry of them with the focus being their human mind! Why? Explained it above it makes them very sad and depressed!

What does the idolatry convince themselves that they are? What do they become? That have to become possessive of the source of their idolatry don't they! They have to believe that they own a human beings mind, other than their own! In their cognition it belongs to them! And that is in direct conflict with reality isn't it! So how do you straighten someone like that out? What does it take? How do you tell someone, “That isn't yours and it doesn't belong to you!” “Don't harass it!” “Don't distract it!” “That is a human being there attempting to live a human life you have no right to bother it!” How does the idolater evade this discipline? By finding camaraderie in the humor of, “Look how futile it is to think like a responsible man! Hah! Hah! Look at what I can do! I know how to distract him at the very right moment so that he has an accident that hurts him! Hah! Hah! Hah!”

This has been your Sunday Mass sermon by Thomas Paul Murphy. Early in life the Priests told me that I was called by God to become a priest. I knew that meant a life of celibacy so it was of no interest to me. I am 48 years old and have heard voices since 1991 when I started to work at an Investment Firm called First Analysis, then located on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower. My desk was next to a telecommunications device the size of a refrigerator that put out an electromagnetic field that made it impossible to concentrate. I can only write this coherently right now because I am wearing a small pieced of copper foil on a tan bandage on the back of my neck. That is where I had neck surgery to remove a tumor fiber. For some reason that copper foil creates a faraday shield to that nerve? I had the mercury based fillings removed from my teeth by a natural dentist. As part of the process they used a machine that tested for compatibility with the composite fillings by running various electric frequencies through my body. Some of them caused pain. If that can easily be done then that frequency can easily be broadcast and attenuated to that nerve via a microphone amplitude based switch. Hence synthetic telepathy! The Department of Defense, the same one where there are over 30,000 cases of sexual assault on the books, the same one that creates homeless and medically victimized veterans, admitted that they had the capability of synthetic telepathy back in 1991!  That nerve is located directly below the ear. They did studies that proved a nerve in the speech center of the mouth fires before the thoughts in the brain send it information? One could indeed say there is a disconnect there or place of opportunity? Perhaps a quote from the Bible whereby God tells a person not to rehearse anything but let me be your guide when it comes to your defense is appropriate. However it didn't work for Jesus Christ! His defense got him Crucified. Which tells you what? The persons judging him and convicting him gave him the wrong words of defense? Jesus didn't know what he should not have had faith in! And he confirmed just that with his dying words to what he believed to be God, “Father why have you forsaken me.” Schizophrenia is indeed medical fraud! The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it medical fraud.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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Post Script.

When I was a boy I can remember a demonic person attempting to possess me.  I ground my teeth at night to prevent it?  Who was weaving those dreams that attempted to take hold and direct my consciousness?  Recently I found a $1 device at dollar tree that prevents a person from grinding their teeth.  Called bruxism.  Does tooth grinding also lead to scoliosis?  Overworking a nerve at the top of the back spine during the night?  Anyhow.  This $1 plastic mouth guard helps me sleep a lot better.  And the odd thing is that I now remember the context of every single dream that I have while I am sleeping!!!  That leads me to believe that I ground my teeth to prevent demonic possession from the dream!  As an adult the dreams do not influence my daytime conscious mind as they might have when I was a boy?  When you are a boy you likely keep thinking of the dream or stay in that frame of mind?  Perhaps you are even still linked to the person weaving it and trying to demonically possess you?  To mellifluence you during the day? That is what I believe!  Without me grinding my teeth I might have ended up to be a mental retard?

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  1. So in effect, whether he know's it or not, the Pope is facilitating one of the Seven DEADLY SINS from the Bible?