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Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Devil is a Homosexual 07 09 2015

The Devil is a Homosexual 07 09 2015

How do we know?  Because the Devil took Jesus Christ up upon the top of a mountain and asked him to knell down and worship him; I believe that to be a metaphor for performing oral sex.  Between men a homosexual act.  Jesus refused to and was beaten and perhaps raped by Satan the Devil.  We know he got banged up pretty good because some women had to nurse him back to health.

Was Jesus infringing upon the medical fraud of demonic possession and healing for money of someone else?  Was that someone else a Rabbi named Mathew?


"God doesn't roll dice."  Albert Einstein said that.

1. A man fondling the testicles of a boy is sexual molestation.

2. However;  Two homosexuals fondling each others testicles or one fondling the others is considered normal behavior?

To me Einstein's metaphor explains it best.  How else is that to be interpreted?  That God was an ancient scientist and calculated every single thing in the Universe before he created it?  That is impossible.  Creation can only occur from a welling up of good will and holy spirit from complete nothing.  There was absolutely nothing.  But somehow some good force decided that their has to be something and sprang forward.  Just as simple as when you have a happy thought or a thought of love.  Love for your children.  You don't roll their dice or that of others do you?  No.

But compare 1 and 2 above.  What is the difference?  Age? Intent? Love?  Are we supposed to believe that the man who sexually molests a boys testicles does so because he loves him?  You can't sell me that belief.  So how do you expect me to believe it is true in number 2 above?

Do we have an anti human creation force in process in the world today?  It is the chemicals in the water and air that lead to birth defects isn't it.  Someone who couldn't compete fairly among us wanted to have the money as if they did; didn't they!  That is how I view all of what I would label anti-creation force.

So we get a President who had a childhood absent a father and this is what we get?  And he resorted to drugs when he was alone in his room.  He said in order to distance himself from who he was?  What am I getting at?  He had a patriarchal identity issue didn't he!  He should have believed that he was his fathers son.  But instead he interpreted everything from the perspective of how would he spoil himself if he was his own father?  Hence he rationalizes drug use?  Hence he allows homosexuals to marry.  He needed a father to tell him no!  For all his dreaming about what a good father he would be he never once dreamt that he should tell himself no in regards to those drugs he was doing alone in his room.  Do you see the strain of logic that is flawed with him and perhaps all his policies?  "What would I do if I was a father to the American people?"  I would give them affordable health insurance.  All well and good but a real Father might say, I will not let those financial companies and Doctors profit without having to show up to work!  And perhaps the best way to look at it is he has laid the groundwork for our healthcare system to be nationalized.

So what happens if it isn't?  Fascism is the belief that one has the power over life and death.  The most fascist people you will ever meet are crooked Doctors!  Like one who writes out prescriptions for heroin.  Like one who grants himself the slack not to have to tell a patient what is really wrong with them if they don't want to and make that a law.  Like one who would declare those who hear voices in their heads as really that person cursing themselves.

So what happened in Europe/Asia when the funny money ran out?  There were waves of cannibalism!  And that is indeed why we have our second amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Now lets say that the Devil takes Jesus Christ up on a hill to rape him.  Jesus Christ pulls out a gun and kills him!  I am very sorry but that is the version of History that I would love to read!  Hate me all you will and some of you do.  That is my belief system.  A belief system is a religion.  My belief system is in congruence with the United States Constitution and freedom.  What is yours based on?  What do they preach in Christianity for all of you dead heads?  They preach sacrifice!  They preach that we all need to use human beings as scape goats!  Because it is human to be a bad person and sin.  So that is what they say about item 2 above isn't it?  Good God what has happened to our country and world today!  But what they say in every Catholic Mass is "He went willingly to his death."  That means don't feel guilty when the innocent are persecuted they want to be persecuted.  And if you persecute human beings you are just being human.  They say at every Catholic Mass we gave him all our pain and suffering.  That is promoting that you victimize other people as a form of Catharsis isn't it!

So the Catholic Priest is supposed to be divinely inspired directly from God!  That is complete baloney!  It is just as fraudulent as a snake oil salesmen.  There have been tens of thousands of accusations of sexual molestation by priests.  And they do so when they can get a child alone don't they!  And this is exactly why I don't like Scott Walker and private schools.  I ask myself what is Scott Walker thinking.  He is thinking what kid of school would have been best for me as a boy and everyone else should have one just like that too?  He is thinking if we could only have a scapegoat or sacrifice to learn from how happy it would have made me as a boy?  I see that private school system for money arise and I see it differently.  I ask where did those Boy Scouts get the drugs from back in the 1970's in Catholic School?  It just bothers me to no end.  Those Wiccan mind poisons have absolutely no place in the United States!  They don't belong here.

I hear voices.  And when I read of Jesus Christ, a Jew, wandering through the desert being tempted by demons after John the Baptist tried to drown him;  I sympathize with Jesus Christ!  I hear voices and that is what life is like for us; like wandering through the desert and being tempted by demons.  And you know what?  I absolutely abhor anyone who would say, "And we gave him all of our pain."  (That is what ancient baptismal were; they would hold you under and make you fight to come up.)

Gee I am oxygen deprived from John the Baptist trying to drown me.  I am wandering through the dessert and (Just by chance "it" would no where I would be? no!) I meet up with a homosexual.  If Jesus only had a gun I think.  I really believe any Jew who thinks otherwise is a complete fraud!

I have stated it before and I will state it again.  I believe that a man has the right to use deadly force to protect himself from being raped.  I believe that a male has the right to use deadly force to prevent himself from being made sterile by what can only be classified as a homosexual.  That is my belief system and it could get you in a whole lot of trouble!  But maybe, just maybe, some part of you agrees with it?

But lets look at the homophobic laws for just one second.  ( I don't like to beat up on George Bush a lot because I experience a lot of voice based mental anguish when I do.  But in order to be true to myself I have to say what I believe.  There is no quicker way to get sick than not saying what you believe.  In fact the Devil loves to put you on the spot where you can't say what you believe because the internal conflict will actually make you ill.  It has to do with something being taken from you; a right!  A whole new way to look at rights isn't it?) What is that really?  That is fining and imprisoning you for your belief system and expressing it!  The Constitution protects from that in two ways.  Freedom of speech and freedom of Religion.  Again a belief system is a religion!  So what are those laws when they indeed contradict the Supreme Law?  They are indeed unconstitutional as well as inciting civil unrest.  Both are impeachable offenses but your Democratic Party was too busy lobbying for a Fascist annuity in order to care?  Perhaps both the American public and Barrack got slicked good on this one!  But look at how Barrack often acts hyperactive at the podium; he didn't get slicked at all on this one; not with that behavior.

These are my beliefs.  I am indeed glad to be me; even though the voices covet every single thing that I do that I could earn a living from as if it was their own skills and memories.  Canaanites?  Kill your brother because he is more fortunate than you?  Jesus Christ called the Canaanites dogs!  (Per the Gospel of Barnabas.)

If you don't like how the Bible defines the Devil by its actions; it is not my fault for articulating it!  Perhaps there is someone out there who benefits from the knowledge?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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But let's say a boy was emasculated by a homosexual (Devil) and becomes a homosexual because of the lack of hormones?  Is it his fault?  No?  Is it a boys or girls fault to be trusting of an authority figure?  No!  But it means that authority figures have to be held accountable with the death penalty doesn't it?  To make the world a safe place for children and therefore human beings?  So what happens when one authority figure refuses to hold another authority figure accountable?  To me I start to count and say "That is two devils."


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