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Thursday, July 16, 2015

No Autonomous Police Forces 07 16 2015

No Autonomous Police Forces 07 16 2015

A President of the United States should be able to have executive management oversight of all police force personnel including CIA, FBI, Homeland Security.  What do I mean?  You get a crook as a police chief anywhere in the country committing criminal acts, the President ought to be able to step in right away and fire and ban that person for life from the police force.

Does the President even know what is going on in those intelligence agencies with policing power?  He ought to just be able to click a box on a computer and say this person is fired and they must deliver all of their Government sponsored equipment back to the repository.  But it must always be done highly consistent with the constitution and not willful interpretation.  Upon willful interpretation impeachment proceedings should be triggered.  And all of these things on both sides need to be codified in a list whereby it is not subject to interpretation or spoiled argument.

That is the way it is done in Corporate America!  The President of a company see's someone he doesn't like and that person is gone!  Why should they have that power and not the President!  The President of the United States also should be able to remove Corporate management just as quickly!

This needs to be done so that we don't see the rise of unconstitutional money and power and even willful ignorance as President!

This is something due process is not needed for because the person is not being tried to go into prison?

A President ought to have the power to stop bad things from happening under his "watch!"  He ought not to be able to do bad things that way however!  So really you need to have better men in power.

If a President wanted to arrest treasonous Senators what Police Force would he use?  Because they pose a threat to him and also the nation; the Secret Service?  Does it have that capability?  Or is it really a bunch of drinkers living the good bad life on our Abe Lincoln dime!

Too many Hoe Boken low life's making poor decisions at lower levels adds up and degrades the nation.  They actually come to believe that they are something they are not!  And as soon as that they prey on normality and your Constitutional rights!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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Without this power you could end up with a coup of Down's Syndrome genetic people overthrowing the United States Government!

A President ought to have the power and right to say I don't want anyone who uses Alcohol in my Government!  Why?  Because of the effeminate decision making!

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