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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Second Amendment and Fascism 07 22 2015

The Second Amendment and Fascism 07 22 2015

One would be tempted to say that Fascism is built into the United States Constitution with the Second Amendment Guarantied right to keep and bear arms!  Fascism being the belief that one has power over life and death! 

But that isn't true at all!  The Second Amendment is there to prevent Fascism!  Fascism also the belief in a totalitarian leader!

That Second Amendment Right is there to prevent Fascism!

It is there to prevent someone from attempting to wield the power of life and death over YOU!

That is why I am extremely leery of anyone or group that attempts or supports unconstitutional gun control!

Do you see how we have political parties that are attempting to create Fascist Leadership?????  The mannerisms of speaking?  Attempting to polarize the belief systems of the people? Swaying them by emotion!  Faking being a man with bravado, war mongering and taking from the public policies?

So if you don't believe you should have a gun because you don't feel safe with it, then perhaps indeed you are a potential fascist?  Why?  Because it takes guns to take guns away from people!

And what kind of  sissy is that who doesn't own a gun and directs other people to take the guns away from other people?  That is a fascist isn't it!

Because they are not true leaders their only form of government is victimizing the populous!  That is a fascist form of Government isn't it!  One that whittles away at the Constitutional rights of the people!  And that is also done by granting special rights to certain members of the people and not others!  : Limited liability. Anti defamation lawsuits. Charitable organizations and religions.  Gun Control.  Mandatory this and that.  Exorbitant this and that violating your 2nd amendment rights.  Those are all forms of extortion too aren't they!  Another common element of a fascist state!

A Religion was never supposed to get special rights as a charity does!  Our Constitution actually prevents it!

What type of a leader does a mentally defective person believe in?  What is an easy sell as a political leader to a mentally defective person?  It is those principles two paragraphs up isn't it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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