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Monday, July 13, 2015

Clown Heads of the United States 07 13 2015

Clown Heads of the United States 07 13 2015

This is just a mean list of people who wouldn't take too much make up to look like a clown.

1. Bill Murray
2. Scott Walker
3. Tom Hanks
4. Tommy Thompson
5. John Boehner
6. Sean Penn
7. Joseph Lieberman

I don't know why I wrote this.  I guess I was looking at you tube video that showed that Wisconsin Serial Killer who was a clown.  Wait it was something like 10 unexplained photographs..was the name of the video.

Then I was in the library and read a quote from Ansell Adams "There is nothing worse that a perfect image of a fuzzy concept."  Then I immediately thought of Scott Walker as he gave a Political speech for President today.

And I thought he looks like a clown.  He sounds like a clown to.  What is it?  Then I tried to geometrically correlate what makes the face of a clown in my mind.  It is something about being illegitimate and sad about it?

People often don't understand what schizophrenics say because their brains are working a lot faster.  And the schizophrenic loves their stream of consciousness and hates to break into it to explain it.  But that capability right there is likely the pinnacle of human development.  What am I getting at?  That is a complex thought stream and it cannot be given with just one piece because the other person would not have the context or context point to understand it.  But what else is it?  It is indicative of the literary mind and the human ability for storytelling.  Have you ever been with someone that just can't stand it when you start to talk and tell a story.  They have to interrupt it!  Why?  To break that human stream of consciousness they don't possess and can't relate to? Envy?

But there is more than one common archetype of pattern in that list above isn't there!

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