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Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Mongrels Third Venue of Happiness 07 18 2015

Part I How to Disempower a Mongrel 07 18 2015

They're not living their own lives and have no intention to!

They're not living their own lives and they do not have the proper motivation to do so!

How do you motivate someone to live their own life and not yours?

Those who do use drugs including alcohol are attempting to duplicate the happiness a normal human being earns from a sense or personal achievement; so they must be taken away!

Those use of them can be defined as a Wiccan sloth!


Part II The Delusion of Righteousness of the Pro Life Movement

What man would ever want his woman to have to keep a birth defective baby? No real man on earth ever would!!! So who exactly are these pro life Republicans? What man looks to his adult son born with birth defects and unable to learn and states “I am so proud of him because he turned out just like me!” ???????? “I am so proud of useless because he is just like me!”??????

No real man ever wants to put his woman through that hardship!

No real man ever puts that burden on human civilization or democracy!!!

No man would ever try the human patience of another adult to attempt to teach that mentally defective child!


Part III

The Mongrels Third Venue of Happiness

Now lets say

  1. A mongrel can't achieve; and you don't allow it to be content (happy) with that!
  2. And you don't allow that mongrel to have a drug substitute for happiness.
  3. The mongrels third venue of happiness is that the mongrel then likely to victimize those capable of achievement? Hence the mongrels third venue of happiness is victimization of the legitimate human being.  It feels that if it can punish a human being capable of achievement that it has changed reality and in delusion that is a source of happiness for it.  This indicates it believes knowledge to not be attained by a gift from the ephemeral?  Psychiatry is the mongrels third venue of happiness!
  4. Pretend to be a person who can achieve as a form of entertainment. This involves mocking.
  5. Actively prevent those who can achieve from achieving and thereby the mongrel attains pleasure by denying the human being of the natural and normal human reward system.
  6. Non recognition of your ability to achieve in hopes that no one else will recognize it and therefore the delusion of happiness that one believes they controlled reality when they haven't. Upon which the mongrel switches back to number 5. (Learn to watch when the mongrel is switching techniques in order to escape the reality of learning.)
  7. Change the focus of your consciousness and attention from what you are doing to it. This is the mongrels “me, me, me” coping mechanism.  Effeminated behavior often possesses the mongrel here.
  8. Declare itself the winner when it actually isn't. This is where the mongrel's work is inferior, when no limitations were put on it, but it isn't recognized for being so. The mongrel will also attempt to defer to someone else being better when it is not as good as you. It does so because it feels commonality in idolatry. We see this in politics today with the “Go gettem rock!” Whereby a political candidate is convinced that they are something they are not.
  9. The mongrel capitulates and wants you to dominate it. This is the highest level of enlightenment for the mongrel because it has realized all the other methods are personally invalid and therefore destructive. Hence the mongrel begs to be taught and learn from you! Be careful at this stage because the mongrel expects complete perfection of the teacher and does not realize that knowledge and science are constantly developing. But if you stay uncorrupt and honest the mongrel must learn to respect that.  At this point the mongrel likes to claim your knowledge as its own; and this can lead to the danger of coveting and possession of you?

    Thomas Paul Murphy
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  1. We also see the instance of number 8 a lot with the promoted idea that "Disposable (plastic) is better"