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Monday, July 20, 2015

They tried to kill me again 07 20 2015

They tried to kill me again 07 20 2015

It happened about two weeks ago.  Around the fourth of July.  About 7 pm at night perhaps on the 4900 block of Lake Drive west side of the street.  I was on my bicycle.  I passed some cars parked on the right side of the street.  One of them was a light green Subaru Wagon.  The car looked to be very quiet.  It looked as if it had been parked there for a very long time with no one in it.  When I got exactly one foot away from the drivers side door the woman inside flung it open with force to as wide as it could go.  Then she waited a second or two before getting up and out of it only to say sorry.  I had swerved out of the way to avoid collision.

She had an emotionless expression on her face.  She had brown hair a little less than shoulder length, even cut.  She was white and looked to be of bad English stock or Polish stock.  The expression on her voice was one of emotionless contempt.

No responsible adult opens a car door like that on a busy fast street.  We look in the side mirror.  Then we look back as we crack the door and get out.

Be very careful about people creating a distraction to your left or right only to create a dead stop collusion right in front of you!  Sometimes they will even rent a car to do this.

They are going to be buying electric cars left and right because they are very quiet and can pull away from the curb without the bicycle rider ever knowing it was on?  A safety measure on electric cars should be a light that indicates the engine is on.

I made a list somewhere of all the times they tried to kill me but it was lost in a virus that wiped out a computer.  How convenient!

They expect you to make a big deal out of every little bad thing that they do.  But the fact is that encroachments on your freedom and liberty.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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