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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The vicious alcohol circle 07 19 2015

The vicious alcohol circle 07 19 2015

Do some people drink because the yeast in the beer converts the sugar from their American diet into something else.  What I really mean is does that alcohol yeast prevent a bad yeast in the body from multiplying in the presence of a high sugar diet.  In effect it displaces the bodies yeast?  It all adds up to destruction of internal organs.  But if this is indeed a mechanism of addiction then that bad yeast issue needs to be addressed in the body.

I believe that people smoke because the nicotine has an anti-parasitic (anti-yeast) property.  Nicotine is indeed used in insecticides because it is that potent!  There is enough nicotine in a bit of tobacco the size of the last digit of your small finger to kill you!

Which brings me to the next point them shmucko voices never want me to make.  How many Sudden Infant Deaths (SIDS) are really caused by the baby inhaling tobacco!  Are the paramedics and doctors competent enough to even ask tough questions like that?  No!  More often than not they are effeminated ethnics with a chip on their shoulder.  Such as one telling me he did not want heroin victims from receiving narcon.  Narcon when administered to a heroin od patient saves their lives.  Bad people among us everywhere that don't belong here.

I know what has to happen.  We need a President who will stiff arm all sugar based foods off of the grocery shelves and out of this country!

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