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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Boating Regulations need to change so that no alcohol or blood alcohol content may be allowed on boats 07 15 2015

Boating Regulations need to change so that no alcohol or blood alcohol content may be allowed on boats 07 15 2015

There was one death from a pontoon boat last year on Oconomowoc lake and another death on that lake this year.  Those pontoon boats are bad enough without drunks driving by and heckling fisherman!

I really don't believe in the pontoon boat at all!

On the water (or even the edge of it) is no place to drink and party.  Adults should know that but they don't.

I also don't believe there should be any taverns selling alcohol on the shoreline for that exact same reason.  That drinker drowning!  Alcohol is indeed a depressant.  The depressed are more likely to commit suicide.   They are also highly likely to kill you in the process of it.  Depression is indeed unexpressed anger.  The fact that you can't express your anger means you know this world is no place for it.  The fact that you know human civilization is no place for it means that you are psychotic and have a break from reality.  Do not use the excuse of your oxygen deprived brain and spiked testosterone from alcohol to cause trouble with human beings!

So it bothers you?  Just be glad you are still alive and not the drowned drinker!  You should thank me!

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And sure when I was a teenager I loved to drink beer on boats.  But the older you get the wiser you are!  And sometimes you realize it is only by the grace of God you made it to be as old as you are.  Now I am not talking about your responsibility on your boat as the only boat on the lake in this manner.  I am talking about those whose primary activity is to drink and party on boats.  And then include the other factions too.


  1. It should never be allowed on an Ocean going vessel and any captain who operates an ocean going vessel while intoxicated be subject to the death penalty for doing so. This would have prevented the Exxon Valdez environmental disaster and perhaps the gulf spill too!

  2. Full Disclosure passed the boaters safety course about 3 decades ago.