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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The A10 Tank Killer Warthog 07 26 2015

The A10 Tank Killer Warthog 07 26 2015

It is very funny that our Department of Defense would want to scrap this TANK KILLER plane just at a time when RUSSIA is building an Armada of Tanks!

What does that tell you?  That our Department of Defense has a Communist mindset!  One in which the wealthy fortunate control without threat from the up and comers!  Sounds about like them doesn't it!  They fear the better man!

Likely they were raised by Wiccan type parents.  A Cognition not of man but of a sloth whore!  We did indeed have a Constitutional directive to prevent them from becoming wealthy and powerful!

So can you see what is on the horizon?  See who sold us out?

It is about the same as giving American servicemen low power ineffective rifles when the proven standard of higher caliber won the wars for us!  No comparison between a 30-06 and a .223.  A .223 should never be standard issue in the military!  Nor in law enforcement (honest law enforcement) and not the wiccan league!    The 1911 .45apc should be standard issue!  Studies dictated its efficacy.

So what is that?  Giving an American man ineffective military defense?  It is some wiccan queer who is dependent minded waiting for you to die!  Those are not men!

As a young man who had trouble in school because of a brain birth defect what form of Government he would like and he will tell you communism!  Communism is where the might control and become wealthy without the rights of resistance!  It was also eugenics!  Do you see how military industrial complex members naturally gravitate towards communism?

Governors should not be arming the National Guard, they should be arming EVERY SINGLE UNITED STATES ADULT CITIZEN.  Arming the National Guard is the prelude to illegal search and seizure operations that the British used to attempt to take control of the United States and failed!  The won in Ireland, Scotland, and Germany however!

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