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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

There is no reason mean people should go to college 07 14 2015

There is no reason mean people should go to college 07 14 2015

Given a position of authority this person will reek havoc and hoard money!

For all of psychology's claimed basis in science does it have any scale that measures meanness?  Perhaps indeed it could be slipped into the SATS or ACTS?

The last thing you want to do is grant, give or sell a mean person credentials for any higher education of right of passage to adulthood in human civilization!  We didn't get to be what we are by allowing that!

The measure of meanness would have been psychologies most important contribution to human civilization but it completely missed that!  How could the collegiate academic study of human behavior complete miss the ability to determine if someone is a mean person and will resort to criminal networking?  How?  It is like the cook was supposed to make an apple pie and he didn't use apples!  What are they doing here?

A mean person really has no business in college.

And why should a promiscuous high school whore ever be allowed into college?  What is she going to contribute to society?  You could just as well strip her of all her clothes and put her in a zoo for display right across from the high school athlete with low IQ.  And never the two should mate.

How is a woman like that going to apply herself in the professional world to benefit humanity?  Who wants to put up with them?  All current Universities should be closed.  The doors should be barred from anyone with satanic cognition.  What good did you do?  Did you ever stand up for one single moral issue!  No!  No, you didn't!  Instead you played the cowards game of not standing up for what was right; whether you had the capacity to know it or not, because if you did someone would stand up against you for the exact same reason!  So indeed their is some honor among thieves! 

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One final point.  The Nazi Hotel Hitler stayed at in Argentina after WWII is one that Einstein also visited!

We should probably just assume that Einstein's theories are completely wrong and of false basis and start from the ground up to reformulate astrophysics.  What did Reich visit him about?  A Faraday cage that protected one from microwave radiation.  So who had that weapon?  What did Golda Meir (?) say to Joseph Biden?  That they had no where else to go and had a secret weapon.

Using a secret weapon on the American public is a good way to get a lot of pirateers executed!


I can hit a golf ball over 250 yards.  And I just found out that I have a pretty fast baseball swing and can connect with the baseball too.  Could I hit a fast pitched baseball over 350 feet and out of the ballpark?  It is highly likely!  So who do you think was dunning my human soul with voices since I graduated from college?  Who would want to prevent me from using simple skill sets based on my own knowledge?  Mean people have no place in professional adulthood whether it be professional sports, the money industry, the medical profession or even the legal profession.  But again psychology whiffed completely at the diagnosis!  How could you completely miss the diagnosis of meanness?  The only way that could happen is if you yourself had a fraudulent academic/knowledge identity!

A man takes away workers rights and what do the rich (mean) think of him?  That he is the greatest thing ever!  In fact they fund him with tens of millions of dollars so that he can conduct more mean operations such as destroying public education, harming the environment, take away the minimum wage etc.

What if a mean person who was righteous came into the office of President and hauled off executed a whole bunch of people like that correctly for treason.  After a trial and simple presentation of factual evidence as due process!  Real simple here is what the idiot publicly did that violates our Constitution.  There is no ambiguity to it that needs a trial by jury.  There is nothing he can say in his defense that contradicts the legislation he openly propagandized that was unconstitutional.

Yeah they want to say that people like me are seers or false prophets etc.  Doesn't my articulation pretty much put the idea of what a false prophet was to rest?  I do not just base my opinions on conjecture there is a lot to them!  A lot of premises that the son of a drinker or smoker could never connect in their effeminate brain.  There was never anything called a false prophet!  They always had the exact same cognitive ability as I demonstrate in written articulation.  Back in those days they would likely burn the written articulation and profess that the false prophet was an evil seer or a sorcerer?

Pontius Pilates wife called Jesus a sorcerer.  What is a Sourcerer?  Someone whose mind was demonized and tapped because it was much better than your own hence the terminology "Source"  Somehow it became disambiguated and turned around to mean not Pontius Pilates wife but Jesus?  It is the old case of the pot calling the kettle black.  The discernment being that an evil sourcerer cannot articulate whereas Jesus Christ did a pretty good job of articulation.  And what happened when he spoke in parables?  It was really his way of responding to being demonized with voices as best he could?

Here is my very mean word of the day to describe that which talks to me and is female, "Whisker eyes."

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy
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I got news for the High School athlete wanting to go to college for sports?  Those kids who for some reason did not mature as fast and didn't make the team?  They have much better athletic skills than you do!  And those skills were indeed oppressed by you out of jealousy your whole life weren't they !

Who else was a late bloomer?  Adam lived to be 930 years old!  Had to be a late bloomer right?  How long would I live if not for the voices demonizing me?  A lot longer than I will with them!  Why?  It is like that priest with the swinelike xylophone voice likes to profess at mass, "And we gave him all of our pain."  Listen queer boy your parents should not have been drinking the wine when they were conceiving you!  I am starting to articulate who the real Jews (blessed ones) are aren't I! 

Women of child bearing age should be banned from the consumption of alcohol.  Any drunken man that impregnates a woman should get the death penalty and a Biblical age King should come in and settle the next issue but cutting that mentally retarded child from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in half with his Kings Sword.

This is my belief system.  And it is kind of like what Jesus said, "Many of you will go to prison etc etc for your belief in me."  He also said that he that believeth in me shall never parish.  What does that mean?  That the human soul is indeed a higher life energy form than that of a mongrel.  May not be immortal but it sure has more substance to it than a Canaanite dogs!  And Russian Kirlean energy photography proves the existence of the human energy body.

I don't believe those with Down's Syndrome or Autism should have been born.  To me they are a complete obscenity.  I don't find them puppy dog cute.

I would not write any of this horrible stuff if I didn't' hear voices.  It isn't me cursing myself.  Lets see.  Jesus was tempted by demons (means heard voices) and Procula and other leaven of the Pharisees hags openly cursed him.  Am I the only one who can add that up?  Would you ever want to send a hag, that cursed Jesus Christ as he carried his cross,  to college?  It would be a big mistake wouldn't it!


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