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Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Lion on the Loose in Milwaukee 07 26 2015

 A Lion on the Loose in Milwaukee 07 26 2015

The media won't tell you what the fine or imprisonment is for killing one!  They will goad you into doing so and then say ha ha when you do?

And isn't that how it works with the use of deadly force? It really doesn't matter legally today who you were protecting, what children you were protecting!  You still end up going to jail of the use of deadly force!

Not only that you feel great shame as Every Town for Gun Safety gets to add you as a statistic!

There are a lot of people who are just plain awful and have never been diagnosed as mentally ill as the criminal minded and awful should!  But the media never addresses that either does it!

You never hear of a Wiccan devil worshipping going into a psychiatrist and complaining that they are bad person and can't stand it!  You never hear of a mob boss going to see a psychiatrist because he hates himself and is full of shame!  Because you never hear of it can in be construed that psychiatry is also an arm of organized crime?  And what is censorship and victimization of people who are of a different political opinion than your own; isn't that really victimization by organized crime?

If I were President and you killed that lion you would not be imprisoned of fined, if indeed that is the law regarding lions.  Instead you would receive a medal of honor.  In fact my whole cabinet as President could only be made up of whistle blowers!  In fact I would not do business with any foreign country until they freed all the whistle blowers and adopted our Constitution so that every one of their citizens had a gun.

Do I view drug dealers, sexual molester's of children and pimps as equal?  No!  I view them the same way the Puritans who founded this country did.  They should be up in a noose after constructively proven guilty.  And I could add to that list!

For some reason they never had a father to look up to and trust; to teach them wrong from right!  Do you really want that propagating?  Something that doesn't learn wrong from right and can't teach it?  I can't imagine what it would be like to not be able to trust your own father.  But it is getting to be something I just look at with a cold heart.  Meaning it isn't my fault and you weren't any better than your father for no reason of your own and you won't be.  Very sad indeed.  Should we have to put up with you?  No.  Should any human being ever have to content with a coven of fatherless voices?  No.

How come it is so very easy for me to know that if you are threatened by a lion you have the right to use deadly force.  However our legal system sometimes puts you in prison for killing some drugged out freak far worse than a lion?

And isn't that the perfect guise to send machine gun armed troops into a drug dealing neighborhood?  Say that they spotted a lion?  The good people will not fear a situation?  But should a good person still arm themselves if a lion is on the loose in their neighborhood?  Absolutely.  I don't care how much a pet it is to them.  It is like my father always told me, "That is still an animal."

Now lets say that you go to the beech.  Immediately before you someone wearing tan latex gloves placed lsd on the bubbler handle.  You go to get a drink and go stir crazy.  The police shoot you to death.  And how do you know that the Police officer wasn't part of the same "family" as the person lacing the psychoactive drug?

Which brings me to my next point regarding Dontre Hamilton and Police Escalation.  If Police Officers were not allowed to wear a gun would they handle the situation of approaching an unarmed homeless man in the park differently so that they did not provoke or escalate it?   A Police Officer ought to be screened from being on the force if he is prone to escalate (bully) a situation with a civilian.  In fact we are never supposed to have a Politician that bully's the public.  It is called inciting civil unrest!  Does it come from a defect to the serotonin regulating gene?  There ought to be a simple test for that!  For all the money wasted on pharmaceuticals and scientific research their ought to be a simple test kit you can buy at the dollar store in order to determine who cannot attain happiness from their own personal achievement.  "Humbug you are out of here!"  Is what you get to say to them.


If an officer is granted the use of a machine gun shouldn't a video camera on it be activated any time the trigger is pulled? "Look he just shot a nice person strolling down the street in the back!!"  Versus "That nut had drool coming from his psycho drugged out face and was about to kill me!"

But the excuse will be that the camera wasn't working or the battery was dead.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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