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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sleep Deprivation Alcohol Psychosis the Devil and Schizophrenia 07 22 2015

Sleep Deprivation Alcohol Psychosis the Devil and Schizophrenia 07 22 2015

How are those 3 things interconnected?

Both sleep Deprivation and Alcohol Psychosis are known causes of schizophrenia.  But something more interesting is going on between the two!

Ever remember going out in college at night and drinking alcohol late into the night?  That is a depressant isn't it!  So in effect you are conditioning your mind in a certain way with regard to your seep cycle by drinking alcohol late at night?

The alcohol also deprives your brain cells of oxygen.  It is also metabolized into know carcinogens.  A Carcinogen is something that causes cancer.

So is that habit of going out late and night and drinking predisposing you to a bad brain metabolic influence?

What am I getting at?  Perhaps I am not articulating it well.   I am making a point liking sleep deprivation to be caused by the influence of alcohol?  A pattern was created?  Your body permanently responding to that?  So the question here is.  When an alcoholic quits drinking do they have trouble sleeping?  Too much alcohol screwing the brain up so that it can't sleep at all?  Perhaps the high from the depressive factor of the alcohol ruins the brains natural ability to relax and fall asleep?  Equating sleep to a depressive factor?  Depressant being defined as:

Alcohol does indeed make you sleepy?  So why wasn't it ever correctly labeled a narcotic?

So when one uses a depressant heavily at night time it destroys the bodies natural ability to lower daytime thinking neurotransmitters and relax and fall asleep?

Alcohol use replacing the bodies natural ability to fall asleep!!!!  And when you can't fall asleep your mind wanders to every little unimportant thing?  And it doesn't help if you boss can't stand you (for no personal reason) and uses every opportunity to demean you?  As if they are taking part in a process?

I get why it is called "The Devils Urine."

Going out at night and drinking was exciting. 

But what does that leave you vulnerable to?  Doesn't it open a doorway to your mind by weakening your brain metabolism?  To the point whereby those who could not develop their own human conscience and human reason interject into yours (the devil)?  I believe that the Devil is really what that is!  And the Bible backs me up!  "He can read men's minds."  "Has no soul."  A soul being a human conscience and human reason.

It is one of the oldest unknown crimes in human history?  It is easy to solve though!  Because those that are talking to you in your head likely suffer from a brain birth defect from that same alcohol?  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome being the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.

It should be illegal for a woman of child bearing age to consume alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. 

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