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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wall street regs 07 30 2015

Wall street regs 07 30 2015

A Financial Firm should never be able to profit from capital gains.

A trading firm should never be allowed to own stock for even a fraction of second.

In the case of companies that go bankrupt within 10 years the investors initial principle should be considered par value and returned to them.  The Investment Bank that brought them public and their personal assets should liable for that.  Failure of that means lifetime imprisonment and family members barred from owning common stock.

It really needs to be cleaned up and rooted out good!

Instead of the citizen bailing out the largest U.S. Banks via the Gov. the "Bank" then Gov. should compensate the Citizen for any and all loses in the stock market!

A lot of these financial businesses have Bankruptcy built right into them about 70 years out from inception and that means Genocide through economic depression.  We can NEVER let the honest American public every be a victim of that again!

This was inspired by reading that Rick Perry had a financial plan that was strict.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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